7 Times Your Best Friend Is The Sister You Never Had

Aila Images/Stocksy

Sister, sister. Sometimes, our besties are just basically family. If they've been around for awhile, odds are at one point or another they've called your place home, or just helped themselves to your closet full of clothes. Growing up with a brother meant a whole lot of teasing and looking at gross stuff. He made fun of your Justin Bieber phase, and maybe accidentally ruined a Barbie doll or two. Of course you love him, but having a sister has always low-key been a dream of yours -- and your bestie is basically that. There are many signs your best friend is like a sister, even if you're not bonded by blood.

She's your soul sister. At 2 a.m. when you need someone to run to your room with a pint of ice cream, she'll be the first one you call. When you're obsessing over a new guy, she'll be the first one you tell. You girls wouldn't want it any other way.

Sometimes you're surprised you're just sisters from another mister, because your brains are just so in sync. She might not always finish your sentences, but something in the stars will tell her that you're craving egg rolls, too. Suddenly you'll be getting takeout with her and wondering if telepathy is real.

We all love our BFFs for all they do for us, but having a bestie who's basically a sister is a whole new ball game. Here's the seven signs you should look for in your friend-turned-family.

She Tells On You

Your "sister" will keep you grounded by making sure you never get away with anything. Got too drunk at a party? Made out with a mystery guy? Your bestie sure won't let you live it down.

Of course, she'll be your best secret keeper when it comes to the real tough stuff. We could all use a little humbling from time to time, and life can sometimes get a little too reckless without someone keeping us in line.

She Depends On You

She'll always be there for you, because you're there for her, too. Your bestie/sister will absolutely depend on you. You're the listening ear when times are tough, and a sounding board when she just can't go with her gut.

She'll look up to you as a role model -- wishing she had your sense of style, or uncanny ability to make friends. In the whole world, she trusts you the most, and she appreciates you just being there more than you may know.

She Steals Your Clothes

That new sweater you hadn't even taken the tags off yet? Yup. She's already wearing it.

Arguably one of the biggest fights between sisters is over stuff -- clothes, shoes, nail polish, and Jonas Brothers CDs. What was once just yours, is now shared property, and you really don't have claim to anything in your closet. For a night out, brunch with your girl crew, or dinner with the fam, you better call dibs, because your sister friend is probably already digging.

She Fights With You

So, maybe she stole your clothes or just told a secret she was supposed to keep to herself. Either way, a girl fight has ensued on more than one occasion with your gal pal.

You always make up, because let's be honest, you couldn't really last a day without each other. But like any good, healthy relationship, you have your arguments. Sometimes they're pointless and petty, but you'd never hold a grudge against your girl over something so insignificant in the long run.

She Cries With You

She'll be there with the box of tissues, even if you were happily sniffling solo. They say misery loves company, and there's no better companion when you're crying than her.

Your soul sister will know your history, because she was right there living it along with you. She'll pull on the past and push you into the future with healing hands.

At any moment, she has a playlist ready curated for a good cry. Listening to you vent is really just part of her job, and she loves being on call for whenever that may be.

She Schemes With You

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Your sister is your sidekick for your silliest schemes. She'll have the dirt, the drama, and all the tea in between. She'll protect you from the weirdos and stalk through social media with you on the reg.

She Makes Memories With You

Your best friend is surely your sister if she's the main character in all of your memories. You really can't imagine a night out, a long talk, or a road trip without her.

She was there making mems with you from day one on the playground. Your inside jokes are endless, and your photos together come in thousands.

You're lucky to have someone so close to call not only your best bud, but your soul sister. Who knew siblings didn't really have to be bonded by blood?