What Your Favorite 'Gossip Girl' Relationship Says About Your Love Life


Over the course of its six-season run, Gossip Girl was chock full of heart-wrenching breakups and hot makeups, brutal betrayals, and scandalous hookups. By the finale, nearly all of the characters had been romantically linked in some way. But it goes without saying that not all of the relationships on the show were created equal. There were the ones fans loved to hate. Then there were the ones fans hated to love. Surely, fans all had a favorite Gossip Girl relationship. And your fave says a whole lot about you.

Not all of the Gossip Girl pairings are worth rehashing, of course. From Lily and Bart’s passionless marriage to Chuck and Jenny’s twisted tryst and Rufus and Ivy’s traumatizing run (the #PTSD is real, y’all), there are some relationships best forgotten about. Remember Dan and Georgina’s revenge rendezvous, which resulted in the conception of a child (NBD)? And an honorable mention goes to Blair's romance with Lord Marcus, which ended abruptly when she found out he was getting frisky with his stepmom — woof.

Alas, for every bizarre, forced pairing between the Gossip Girl characters, there was a complex connection between two people who genuinely complemented and cared for each other in the most nuanced ways. Here are a handful of the best romances from the show’s run, and what your ultimate Gossip Girl #couplegoals can tell you about your own love life.

Rufus And Lily

Am I the only one who’s miffed that the writers messed with this relationship? Rufus and Lily were the OG Dan and Serena, and IMHO, they had an even stronger connection due to their rich history together. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that they didn’t live happily ever after.

But all bitterness aside, there’s no denying the spark between Dan and Serena’s single parents. Lily is the ultimate uptown girl with an enviable wardrobe, and Rufus is a chill AF waffle-making musician living in flannels. And that’s precisely why they worked so well — they balanced each other out. If this was your favorite relationship (and who could blame you?), then you likely believe the old adage that “opposites attract.” You like to date outside your world, and you look for someone who will challenge you. And even if you don't have a secret love child like these two, you'd no doubt track the kid down together if you did, because your romance is the ride-or-die kind.

Dan And Vanessa

There’s no denying that D and V had some palpable chemistry — hence their playful back-and-forth banter. And even when they were “just friends,” their friendship always teetered dangerously close on the edge of hookup territory. All it took was a threesome with Olivia (#neverforget) to realize their oh-so-obvi romantic feels for each other.

If you were anxiously awaiting these two linking up from the second Vanessa showed up on Dan’s windowsill in Brooklyn, then it’s safe to say you’re a big proponent of the friendship-turned-fairytale romance. Perhaps you even have a longtime crush on your BFF and you simply haven’t mustered up the courage to own up to it yet. But in the meantime, D and V serve as proof it's possible to turn a platonic friendship into something more.

Blair And Dan

Deal with it, haters. Though definitely one of the more controversial Gossip Girl relationships, there’s no denying that Dair was an entertaining duo. After all, they both shared a sharp wit and refined taste in literature. And by the time they finally shared that long-awaited smooch on Valentine’s Day, they had built up a solid bond while navigating life at NYU and their internships at W Magazine together.

Admit it — you lived for their frenemy dynamic because it strongly resembled how the romances in your own life are sparked. The person you least expected to like starts to grow on you, and before you know it, you’re watching Rosemary’s Baby together while you’re on the phone. The Dair relationship appeals to you mainly because you, too, seek out someone who's not only equally cultured but who will help you to let your guard down (like when you quit your stressful internship and just want to crush a pizza). Oh, and you can totally handle a little bit of teasing (that's just your way of flirting).

Nate And Serena

Ah, yes — the betrayal that started it all. Serena and Nate’s secret hookup at the Shepard wedding is precisely what kicks off the drama in the very first episode of Gossip Girl, and it’s no surprise that they weren’t a one-hit wonder. Even though they didn’t end up together, Serena and Nate just seem to make sense. They’re both incredibly attractive upper-class extroverts with hearts of gold and enviable hair. Not to mention, they both have an undeniable rebellious side.

Chances are, what made Serena and Nate’s relationship stand out is that it was refreshingly drama-free in comparison to the other romances on this show. And let’s not forget that Gossip Girl herself labeled them “The Golden Couple.” But there’s more to this couple than just being really, ridiculously good looking. They were also there for each other in many times of need. Remember when Serena went to the white party with Nate just so he could make Catherine jealous? Or what about when Nate had a playful water fight with Serena while helping her to sober up? When it comes down to it, these two were really good friends who also happened to share some seriously hot hookups. So, if you consider their romance to be #goals, then you’re probably looking for a loyal friend who’s on your level, socially — and you’re not willing to compromise on chemistry, either.

Eleanor And Cyrus

Let’s be real. Eleanor wasn’t very likable toward the beginning of Gossip Girl. In general, she came across as a superficial, highly critical mother who rarely showed Blair any tenderness or affection. Fortunately, that all changed in Season 2 when honest, generous (and supposedly sweaty) Cyrus came into her life.

Without a doubt, Eleanor and Cyrus had one of the most drama-free relationships on the show. They were equals, and they were faithful. They valued each other’s feelings and opinions, and their romance only got stronger with each challenge they faced together. So, if this was your top favorite relationship on the show, it’s safe to say you value stability in your relationships. You can take or leave the “spark” — you’re looking for a life partner you can depend on.

Chuck And Blair

There’s no denying that this pair veered into toxic territory at times, but when you take away those highly questionable and uncomfortable events (see: Chuck trying to sell Blair for a hotel), you’re left with a relationship that’s undeniably packed with passion. From the moment these two had their steamy first hookup in the backseat of a limo, it was clear this was no ordinary romance. For better or for worse, Chuck and Blair seemed to ignite a fire within each other — one that, at the end of the day, did seem to stem from a genuine place of caring. And ultimately, Chuck did have to acknowledge his problematic ways in order to win Blair’s heart back.

While their relationship was undoubtedly turbulent, you lived for the highs that came after the lows — likely because you’ve been on the rollercoaster ride that is an on-again, off-again relationship yourself. If Chuck and Blair were your fave Gossip Girl pairing, then physical chemistry is probably super important to you. You're holding out for that can’t-live-without-each-other kind of love — the kind that inspires you to change in order to sustain it. Not only are you searching for someone who will knock your socks off between the sheets (and keep you guessing with all kinds of new tricks), but also a partner-in-crime who will be by your side for all of your shenanigans and pick you up when you've hit rock bottom (like, you know, after your father dies suddenly in a horrific accident). BTW — you’ll do whatever it takes to keep things exciting in your relationship (even a little game-playing).

Dan And Serena

Lonely Boy and the Golden Girl certainly had their ups and downs (and becoming step-siblings definitely didn’t help their situation), but they remained one of the most well-loved couples on the show. Sure, there’s the tiny problematic fact that Dan was secretly acting as Gossip Girl all along, but aside from that, they did have a super dynamic, and at times, quite a happy and healthy relationship.

If you were rooting for Derena to make it work, that suggests you’re likely a hopeless romantic. After all, the Upper East Side party girl and the unpopular Brooklyn-bred intellectual were quite the unlikely duo. That said, there was this palpable sense they were destined to be together. Which means, if Dan and Serena were your favorite couple, you probably believe in “The One,” and you’ll do whatever it takes to make it work when you find that person. The fact that Dan and Serena got married at the end of the series only served as further proof for you that happily ever afters aren’t just for fairytales.

If there's one notion that sums up most of the relationships on Gossip Girl, it's this: so wrong, it's right. These unexpected romances definitely kept fans hooked for all six seasons, if only because fans were eager to see whether their favorite couples would get their happy endings. But even if they didn't, at least their love stories will live on, thanks to your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite.