9 Best Sex Scenes On 'Gossip Girl' That Your Teenage Self Totally Freaked Out About


"You watch Gossip Girl? Isn't it just about a bunch of rich kids sleeping with each other and doing drugs?" No, Charlie from Marketing! OK, yes, the best Gossip Girl sex scenes are iconic and should go down in TV history, but also, the show is about so much more than that. It's about love, friendships, families, finding a family in your friendships, knowing exactly what your friends need and when, and being there in spite of any really sh*tty thing that friend might have done to you. (Which, OK, they did a lot of really awful things to each other, but they were always there when their friends needed them.) And, all narrated by Kristen freaking Bell. Catch my drift, Charlie? There's a world in and of itself in the six seasons that are Gossip Girl.

While the entire show is amazing, the sex scenes are exceptional — all these scandalous teenagers unable to fight the urge to sleep with all their beautiful friends (and frenemies). Oh, high school. From Nate and Serena at the Sheppard wedding (on the bar!), to Blair and Chuck in the limo, and even Dan, Olivia, and Vanessa's threesome featuring a special cameo by legend Hilary Duff. I'm telling you, these sex scenes are iconic.

Serena And Nate At The Sheppard Wedding
NateandSerenaDotCom on YouTube

Ah, the infamous Sheppard wedding. Nate and Serena were sent away by Blair to "sober up," and instead, end up having sex right on the bar, with a smug Chuck watching from above.

If I'm being completely honest, I shipped this couple until the end. Yes, even more than Serena and Dan. Sue me.

Blair And Chuck In His Limo
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This scene set the tone for Chuck and Blair's infinitely whirling, on-again/off-again relationship. Throughout the six seasons of the show, Chuck and Blair take the cake for the hottest sex scenes. In "Victor, Victrola" (Season 1, Episode 7), the two have sex for the very first time, after Chuck watches Blair dancing on stage alongside the dancers at his new burlesque club. Even their first time was so hot.

Dan's Infamous Threesome
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I have mixed feelings about Dan in general, just because of the whole, you know, "Let me write about all the scandalous and horrible things my 'friends' do, so that I can get famous, and they can finally 'respect' me" thing.

But anyway, even with my hesitant feelings toward Lonely Boy, I was rooting for him in this scene. I mean, sex with Hilary Duff is one thing, but sex with Hilary Duff and Jessica Szhor (who plays Vanessa)? Props.

Nate And Catherine In The Hamptons
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Summers get steamy anywhere, but nothing like when Manhattan flocks east. In the Season 2 premiere, Gossip Girl gives us a glimpse of a summer in the Hamptons. For some, like Serena, it was low-key and gave her the space she needed to get over Dan (or at least try to). For others, like Nate, the summer was filled with hot sex in secret places with an older, beautiful duchess.

Serena And Nate Again (This Time In Chuck's Kitchen)
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Who knew something as innocent as toasting waffles could turn into something as wow as that? Not sure how I feel about the olives either, Serena, but everything else? I think I need to start eating more strawberries.

Blair And Dan In The Elevator
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OK, these two were my least favorite couple, but, having sex in an elevator? Iconic. Dan and Blair's attraction seems simply intellectual at first, but when the two try to make it more than that, neither one of them felt anything. I suppose it took this scene for them to see beyond just each other's minds. Still though, I could've done without Dair (Dan + Blair).

Chuck And Blair And The Piano
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Here they are again, the sexiest couple on Gossip Girl. I'm telling you, these two had all kinds of hot sex. They had sex when they were playing games with each other. They had sex when they hated each other. (See above). They had sex when they loved each other. And each time, the scenes were some of the best sex scenes in the entire show.

Serena And Dan On The Jitney
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OK, while you don't actually see these two having sex in this scene, what else would they be doing in the bathroom? Sleeping? And here's Serena again, taking advantage of the fact that strawberries are an aphrodisiac. Hey, it works.

Chuck And Blair In Monte Carlo
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And to end our compilation of the best sex scenes on Gossip Girl, Blair and Chuck are back at it again with another one. Right before these two decide to jump each other's bones for like, the millionth time, Blair tells Chuck she's all in, and finally, these two get back together and stay together. I think one of the greatest things about these two is that even when they "hate" each other, they still love each other — even if it gets a little lost in translation.

If you'd forgotten about these scenes, you're welcome. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go rewatch Gossip Girl for the fourteenth time.

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