What To Get Your Sister For Her 25th Birthday, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Jennifer Brister/Stocksy

You're two peas in a pod. Your sister's birthday is low-key one of the best days of the year. She's your other half, and the person you share absolutely everything with. Every adventure with her so far has been amazing, just because she's been there to make you laugh and love life. We try not to pick favorites in our family, but she's definitely someone you put as a priority. So, for her special day, you don't want to skip out on the chance to show her some appreciation. What to get your sister for her 25th birthday is simple, thanks to the stars. Look to the universe for some unreal gift-giving ideas.

Maybe the only thing you don't share is your zodiac sign. She's a summer baby and you're an adventurous Sagittarius. You've gone on some pretty epic road trips together and had dance parties when either of you were feeling a bit down. The compatibility is still totally there — even if you fight over stealing each other's clothes and such.

When you came home from college, or just spent that weekend in your hometown, she was the first person you really wanted to see. Long-distance relationships can be hard, and you're crossing all your fingers that you'll be able to spend your sister's birthday with her this year. Going out to lunch would be fun, or maybe hanging in the city for the day. As long as you get her present right, you know you're good to go.

Beats By Dre

BeatsX Earphones, $149.95, Beats By Dre

Your sister is a total go-getter. She has big dreams, and she's not afraid to follow them. Maybe she's a fitness nut, or just oh-so-determined. She loves the challenge, and could always use a little pump up music in the background.

A pair of Beats earphones will give her life that incredible soundtrack that she deserves. All of her life adventures have been so full of energy, and it's time that she meets her match in music. Hitting the gym will be a totally different experience with these in her ears, and this gift will be golden for giving her that extra bit of confidence if she somehow falls short. It's written in the stars — show your Aries some love like this.


Personalized Gold Bar Necklace, $31+, Etsy

Your sister may love to be wined and dined. As a Taurus, she totally appreciates the finer things in life and always chooses quality over quantity. For her birthday she's probably planning a nice dinner out with her closest friends and family, or spending the day getting back to hobbies. She loves working with her hands, and she's probably made you a homemade gift at one point in the past.

This bar necklace is effortlessly chic, and totally customizable. Maybe you put your name on it, or get matching ones with each other's initials or a little heart. You've always been able to count on her as a reliable shoulder to cry on, and something simple but thoughtful will be the best way to show your appreciation.

Kate Spade

Cameron Street Travel Passport Holder, $88, Kate Spade

If the universe is being absolutely clear, the best gift for your Gemini sister is something experience-based. She's constantly following her curiosities and keeping on the move because she's afraid she won't see everything this world has to offer. Helping her check some things off her bucket list would honestly be best. But, you of course can't travel abroad without a super cute passport holder.

Get your girl some new surrounding and dive head-first into a getaway. Maybe you'll roam around Europe, or finally make it out to the West Coast. There are so many options, and this birthday is a milestone, so don't hold back! Pack your bags and take the sister trip you've been planning your whole lives. The best time to do these things is always now.


Fireside Faux Fur Throw Blanket, $98, Anthropologie

Cancers have a hard time getting comfortable sometimes. Your sister might be the type of person who loves to stay in on Saturday night, or is naturally a homebody. For her birthday, you might be having a movie marathon or snuggling up for a wine night. Put a little extra comfort in the party with this throw blanket from Anthropologie.

Afternoon naps are known to be upgraded by the presence of pups, extra-fluffed pillows, and some sleepy time tea. But, this will instantly be your sister's favorite thing to cuddle up with (The dog can most definitely stay, though.), and the best present for her birthday.

Sam's Club

Party Bird Island Giant Pool Float, $149.98, Sam's Club

Your sister is bright and bold. It's not much of a surprise to you, because she's a Leo! Like the queen of the jungle, she has no problem being the leader of the pack, and she loves having fun in the sun surrounded by all her friends.

This giant pool float will seriously upgrade her beach bash turned birthday party. Think of that swan float that Taylor Swift posted from the pool a summer or two ago, and then triple it in size. That's a lot of room for activities! Your sister might always say, "The more the merrier," and now she can invite her entire crew out to sea for her special day.


White Marble S'well Bottle, $35, S'well

Keep it S'well for your sister's birthday with a water bottle that'll keep things cold, or even hot, for hours on end. As a Virgo, your favorite family member is all about going green. Maybe she made it her resolution this year to drink more water, or just naturally tries to find every opportunity she can to get a little organic. Truth is, she's just incredibly hardworking and cares about her health. So, the stars thought something like this would speak to her down-to-Earth soul.

Since her big day is right on the cusp of summer and fall, you might go for a hike while the weather is somewhat warm, or do something else a little adventurous. She doesn't much like the spotlight, so keeping it low-key is such a good idea.


The Reversible Mat, $58-$68, Lululemon

Life's all about balance with your sister. Out of your whole family, she's probably the most level-headed one in the bunch. And when anyone gets into a fight, she may tend to play the role of mediator to dissolve the drama.

For her birthday, you might be doing something a little spiritual like a yoga retreat or heading out on the town for a paint night. Nothing too crazy — the party should match the person, after all. This new reversible mat will help her get some zen no matter where she goes, and never make her choose just one side.

Rifle Paper Co.

Tapestry Notebook Set, $15, Rifle Paper Co.

Your sister will forever be in her feels. Being a Scorpio myself, I understand where the stars are coming from when they're thinking of gifts for passionate people. Sometimes, no matter how much she tries to let her mind drive her decisions, she always winds up following her heart. So, give her a place where she can put everything down in writing.

A notebook set from Rifle Paper Co. will let her keep all her inspiration and thoughts close. They say that writing can be incredibly therapeutic. For your sister, any situation that she gets to express herself and get in touch with her somewhat #artsy side is time well-spent. Maybe you're celebrating her birthday seeing a show or going to a concert. It's bound to be a memory-making experience, either way.

Chila Bags

Topacio Bag, $170, Chila Bags

Some have a destination wedding, but your sister is having a destination birthday. Everything is about adventure when it comes to her, and she's always on the move. When you studied abroad, she was the one you went to for packing advice, because she basically lives out of a suitcase and knows all of the little tricks.

A festive and fun bag from Chila Bags will be the trendy addition to her travels. According to the stars, she's always needing something to carry around her camera and probably some extra sunscreen, too. Give her a gift that will upgrade her memorable experiences.


Wine Tasting Flight, $60.99, Target

Your Capricorn sister is oh-so-classic. She'd probably rather spend her birthday with a few close friends and family instead of being surrounded by bunch of strangers in a bar. Around the holidays is honestly when she thrives, because she gets to spend some quality time with you and the people she loves the most. And of course, there's always the wine that comes with fancy dinners.

For her birthday you might hit up a brewery, or maybe see a concert. She rarely makes pour decisions, but this wine tasting flight will be just right for her refined taste. Maybe you'll grab a few bottles of California's finest and try some new vines while you celebrate. A birthday is the best time to stop and smell the rosé.

Urban Outfitters

Crescent Moon Neon Sign, $89, Urban Outfitters

She's the light of your life. Your sister shines so bright as an Aquarius. Seriously, she's either always smiling or lending a helping hand. It's just a trait of her sign, and something that gives her a little bit of that sunshine back is the best gift for her birthday.

There are all kinds of novelty lights at Urban Outfitters, but nothing will quite speak to her adventurous soul like a cool crescent. Out of all of your friends, she's one of the most original ones. She makes the most of her days, but dances until dawn, too. Life is more interesting that way, and she would hate for any party to be boring — especially her birthday.


Sweet Scene White Embroidered Monokini, $40, TOBI

Your sister's birthday might be in the spring, but it's honestly never too early to get in a summer state of mind. A cute floral bathing suit from the latest line of TOBI swimwear will have her channeling everything about her Water sign, and never feeling like a fish out of the fashion water.

When it comes to her personality, she's incredibly sweet and like a gentle ray of sunshine. Unlike a Leo, she's not a bold summer baby. But, she loves to relax and take a dip just the same. Out of all of your family and friends, you're probably one of the ones she trusts the most. Even though she likes her alone time, you know a present like this will surely seal your unbreakable bond.