6 Reasons To Travel Abroad With Only Your Sister

by Tessa Harvey

Chances are, you might not be able to cross off everything there is to see on your bucket list in a lifetime, but you can do some serious damage. The memories you'll make on your adventures will be ones for the books, and you'll want to share them with someone special by your side. Everyone has their own opinion about who to travel with, but there's really only one person who fits the bill for the ultimate companion — and that's your sister. In fact, if you consider her to be your best friend, I'm sure you might have already thought of reasons to travel abroad with your sister when you're in your 20s.

You sister has been through most of your life with you. You two have done it all and made it out together — through fights, bad friendships, heartbreaks, and all of Mom and Dad's cringe-worthy jokes. You might be the polar opposite and yet the exact same person. Do you really know who you'd be without her? Let me answer that for you. You probably wouldn't be the human you are today without her amazing influence on your life.

There's pretty much no better travel partner than your sister. And if you're not convinced, no worries, because these six reasons can do all the talking. So where's it going to be? Paris? Dubai? Iceland? The possibilities are limitless.

She's The Only Photographer You Need For Your Plandids

Forget having an Instagram husband — the best photographer in your life is your sister. There are absolutely no worries about awkwardly asking your travel buddy to snap some plandid pics, because it is your number one chick who's behind the lens. Chances are, she'll probably want a few pics as well, so you're in this together.

You Probably Like (And Hate) The Same Things

The two of you are usually always on the same wavelength, and when you're traveling, this is really useful. Between splitting all of the best food, sharing the same travel wardrobe, and making the absolute best out of all of the excursions you go on, your shared likes and dislikes truly come in clutch. There's no one else you'd mesh so well with other than your sister BFF.

You Know When You Both Need Some Space

The thing about being sisters is that you've been through your fair share of bad fights. You know how to get on each other's nerves, but you're also well versed in the remedy and how to make it up to one another. So even if you're hiking a mountain and you get in a spat, the two of you know it's something you can come back from. No sisterly squabble is going to ruin your vacation.

She Always Has Your Back

Best friends are great. But what's even better is having a best friend who doubles as your actual sister. See, when your sister is your best friend, you know each other so well that reading minds isn't so crazy.

All it takes is one look over at her to see that she's scared out of her mind on the plane, or one deep breath instruction for her to calm you down after being told your luggage got lost. The thing about sisters is that you just get each other, no questions asked.

The Memories You Make Will Strengthen Your Sisterly Bond

You know any trip abroad will mean reminiscing upon the adventures many times to all of your friends and family members. With your forever BFF by your side, you're not going to forget a single thing — and you can help each other fill in the blanks.

You also get to make hella jokes at your sister's expense with minimal consequences. After all, the two of you just had a bonding experience for the ages.

Your Vacation Secrets Are Safe With Her

Going on vacation with your sis means that no matter what kind of shenanigans the two of you find yourselves in, you have someone to share the details with. Whether it's cliff diving into the ocean or hooking up with someone in your tour group you hit it off with, you know your girl's not going to spill anything you want to be kept secret. A sister swear is a bond that can't be broken.