8 Legitimate Reasons That Prove Your Sister Is Actually Your Superhero

There's one special person in your life who you know will always be there for you. She has saved the day on a number of occasions, and has incredible skills that not everyone has. To top it all off, she is absolutely #fabulous. I know it sounds like I'm describing Wonder Woman, but I'm not. I'm actually talking about someone who is just as much a superhero as any Marvel or DC character, but she exists in your everyday life. That person is your sister. If you're blessed to have a great relationship with your sister, you most likely agree that there are so many reasons why your sister is the best, and your very own superhero.

Sure, you may not totally agree on everything, and she may get on your nerves sometimes, but at the end of the day, she is there helping you out with whatever villain life throws at you. You don't know how you would have survived your parents, high school, or even relationships without her.

Your sister pretty much matches the textbook definition of a superhero with these eight qualities she possesses. I mean, if you have a sister, you should understand how lucky you are to basically have a real life Wonder Woman in your family. It's not easy living her life and saving yours, all while doing it with freaking great hair. But, that's just what a superhero does, and with great power comes great responsibility.

She Gives You Helpful Advice

Just like when Spider-Man tells kids to keep out of trouble after saving them, your sister also offers words of wisdom on the regular. If she is older, she has definitely provided you with some handy nuggets of life advice about relationships and how to deal with all things adulting. She helps you not repeat any mistakes she may have made.

She Responds To Any Call

When the bat signal is turned on, Batman comes right away. Just like that, your sister will come to your aid with any text or phone call. Even if she's miles away, she will always pick up the phone when you call, and will listen to everything you have to say.

She's Your Emergency Contact

When you are in trouble, she is the first person you call. Yes, you also call your parents as well, but you know your sister would never judge you for any mistakes you get yourself into. Therefore, she will always and forever be your nonjudgmental emergency contact, because she's the real MVP.

She Wears Many Hats
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Just like Clark Kent is a newspaper reporter by day and superhero by night, your sister also has many jobs. She is many things to you, like your best friend, your confidant, your favorite comedian, your personal stylist, and even your therapist. She's able to play many roles, because she's awesome at all of them.

She May Be Busy, But She Always Makes Time For You

A superhero's work is never done, and we know they barely have any downtime, but they always have time to save the day. Your sis is the same, and she will make time for you even with a crazy work schedule or if you live in different time zones. You will always be a priority in her eyes.

She Makes Your Day Better

A superhero's main job is to save the day, and just by being around your sister, your day is made. She can help you take your mind off of anything that's upsetting you by making you laugh uncontrollably. When she walks into a room, you light up with joy from having her around.

She Defends You Until The End

If you're fighting with anyone, your sister has your back. She will be there to support you. If you have a person at work who is giving you a hard time, you can totally vent out your frustrations, and your sis will always take your side. Your enemies (or even frenemies) are hers now — no questions asked!

She Has Special Mind Powers

It's like she has ESP or something, but your sister can totally tell when you're upset or in a bad mood. Even if you tell her everything is fine, she knows when you're bluffing. This is her superpower for sure — aka, reading your mind and knowing exactly when to help you out of your funk.