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Only One Planet Will Retrograde In January, But It's A Big One

by Valerie Mesa

Retrograde cycles are equivalent to a cosmic holiday, with the exception that they're hardly ever celebrated. On the contrary, the astrological term "retrograde" is an instant buzzkill, considering the general effects of a retrograde planet. However, knowing what planets are retrograde in January 2021 should make things a bit easier, since you'll already have an idea of what to expect.

Before you stress about the upcoming retrograde transits, make sure you take a moment to understand the overall meaning and reasoning behind a planet's retrograde cycle. If you force yourself to believe something will go wrong every time a planet stations retrograde, then chances are, something probably will go wrong. Open your mind to the possibilities, and reflect on the ways you can cultivate power via this celestial phenomenon. While this may seem too good to be true, there's a silver lining to every retrograde cycle. This can be equally productive as it is revealing, so pay attention.

If your initial thought when you hear the word "retrograde" is Mercury, you're not the only one. Aside from being the closest planet to the sun, savvy Mercury is the planet of communication, cognitive functioning, and transportation. Looking at it in terms of astrology, Mercury is a personal planet; ergo, its retrograde cycles are felt more prominently.

Whenever a planet retrogrades, it slows down. This causes the planet to reverse over the degrees it recently transited over. (It's similar to making a U-turn back home whenever you've forgotten something.) Retrograde planets turn the planetary energy inward, which is one of the reasons why these cycles are ideal for reviewing, reflecting, and reevaluating things.

For instance, Mercury retrograde gives us with the opportunity to review and revisit everything from important paperwork to pending conversations, as it is the planet of communication. With a planet like Venus, on the other hand, themes revolving around relationships, finances, and artistic expression become more prominent.

Another way to look at a retrograde cycle is when you put an automatic reply on your email before going OOO on your vacation. Sounds silly, but you're not the only one in need of a break sometimes. Planets also take their annual (more or less) hiatus, which means you should do the same. Again, if a planet slows down, so should you. Life is fast enough as it is, so try to be more mindful of your current reality.

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What Planets Are Retrograde In January 2021?

Kicking off a brand-new year is always refreshing, especially now that we've officially transitioned into the age of the element air. Literally and figuratively speaking, this year's astro-weather feels like a breeze compared to what we had no choice but to endure all throughout the year 2020.

Just in time for a new lineup of astrological aspects, Mercury will station retrograde in this fixed air sign on Jan. 30, before going direct on Feb. 20. Eccentric and offbeat, this retrograde cycle will be interesting, and for a number of reasons. First, it's connection with Jupiter and Saturn and second, its square to Aquarius' modern ruler, Uranus.

This will be a time to review everything from our exchanges via social media to the data on our technology gadgets, as Aquarius has everything to do with innovation, tech, and progression. This will play a significant role on the relationship humanity has with the internet and social media in general.

If you're wondering how this will affect you, check which of the 12 astrological houses belong to Aquarius in your birth chart. (Hint: This is also where The Great Conjunction took place, which means this transit will more than likely revolve around similar themes.)