How You'll Be Proposed To, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Forever and always starts with getting down on one knee. Wedding season is right around the corner, and with it comes a lot of love stories. When you're watching the two do their first dance, or looking through old pictures, you remember where it all started, and that at one point they were just strangers. Weird how it works out that way, huh? The universe has a lot in store for us, and sometimes it's hard to believe everything happens for a reason. But, when you've truly found your soulmate, it's worth the wait. What kind of proposal you'll get is in the stars just the same, and your significant other will know exactly what to plan simply from your sign.

First dates and first kisses can be awkward, but your engagement will be nothing short of magical. Spending the rest of your life with someone might seem scary, or totally be a dream come true, but you're so excited to say "yes" just the same.

Together you've shared a lot of memories, and your partner so doubles as your best friend and soulmate. They're the only one you'd really want with you for all of your life's adventures, and you knew from the minute you met that those sparks meant something so much more.

According to the stars, your proposal will be just as picture perfect. Based on your zodiac sign, there's one way this special moment will go down and it'll be something you'll remember forever. Alright, cue the tears.

Aries: The Energetic Proposal
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You and your significant other are fire and ice, Aries. You're a perfect pair, and complement each other's energy so well. Like your star sign, you are always so energetic. Especially when there's a challenge in your way, your confidence shines so bright. Your partner loves this passionate side of you, and will speak to that during your proposal. Maybe it'll be a fake dance audition, or just another activity you love doing. Whatever it may be, you'll want to bring your spirit along for the ride.

Being so willing to take on challenges has honestly made you such a good person for relationships. When life has gotten tough, or there was hard work that had to be done, you didn't back down and don't plan on changing that now that you're together with your significant other forever.

Taurus: The Thoughtful Proposal on YouTube

A lot of people rely on you, Taurus. Maybe you're a teacher, too, or just have always been that responsible shoulder to cry on. Your proposal will remind you of why you do what you do every day, and leave you with someone truly special to share the rest of your life with.

Truth is, you just love surrounding yourself with the people and things you care about. Seeing all of your hard work pay off is priceless, and anytime you can lend a helping hand, you do. This has turned you into an amazing partner because you're always so practical. Start the rest of your life on the same note, and let your people pull off all the hard and sentimental work this time around.

Gemini: The Lip Sync Proposal
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You've always hated being alone, Gemini. Any situation where you could totally be surrounded with people, even if it is just strangers, is seriously where you thrive. You could strike up a conversation with anyone, and appreciate those who challenge your thoughts. When you saw your significant other you were oh-so-curious and just had to meet them, and now you're going to get married! You and the universe both had a good feeling about this one.

A lip sync proposal is a fun way to spice up getting down on one knee. You'll appreciate all the time and coordination that went into such an epic musical routine, and love that your engagement story is going to come with a soundtrack. Singing along before saying "yes" is, of course, OK.

Cancer: The At-Home Proposal
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Let's keep your proposal casual, Cancer. On any given day, you'd rather spend your time at home then in the bustling streets of a city. You're slightly introverted, and find your best inspiration right in your own imagination. So, you might have already dreamed up what this moment would be like a few times.

Your significant other will surprise you with something equally emotional and effortlessly beautiful. When you two first met, you probably had a lot of walls up. It took a lot for them to get to know the real you, and now you're happy to share all of your stories and wildest dreams. Sure, you two could have this moment in a public place like a lot of other proposals, but your partner will be sensitive to the fact that something more intimate is so much better.

Leo: The Pizza Proposal
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You're incredibly creative, Leo. And so is your significant other! Truth is, from the minute you saw your soulmate you caught all the feels. They quite literally stole a pizza your heart. Something like this that just has to be caught on camera might seem a little cheesy, but it's also so right for your outgoing soul. You've always had quite the funny bone, and so anything average wouldn't do your relationship or personality justice.

They'll surely do something epic and make this proposal an experience. Maybe it'll be a flash mob, or one of those engagements that starts by jumping out of a plane. Seriously expect just about anything that's worth sharing with the world. And don't we all wish engagement rings always came with this kind of snack?

Virgo: The Top Of The Mountain Proposal
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You love the outdoors, Virgo. And your relationship has already taken you to such new heights. Maybe your first date was quite literally a hike, and this proposal will be reliving that memorable moment. Or maybe your lover lifts you up and has always shown you show much support in everything you do. It's safe to say they're a keeper, and this proposal will keep you grounded in those amazing roots.

You've never really been one that likes surprises, and have always taken the planning in your own hands. Let your significant other take care of all the details for once, though. This moment on top of a mountain will surely go off without a hitch and speak to your earthy soul. It's written in the stars.

Libra: The Scavenger Hunt Proposal
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You've dreamed about getting engaged for quite some time now, Libra. Truth is, you just really like relationships and people coming together for the greater good. So, it makes sense that your proposal should be an all-day affair.

This scavenger hunt is a cute and creative way for your significant other to show you how much they care. You'll love following each step and running into all your friends and family along the way. After all, everything is better when you're all together and you couldn't imagine getting married without any of them by your side, too. For someone who likes to keep things simple, this won't be too flashy, but rather so much fun. You love the chase, and all the clues are there for a happily ever after.

Scorpio: The Romantic Proposal
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A passionate proposal is just your style, Scorpio. You've always fallen so quickly for love stories, and have likely been the first one to catch the feels in any of your relationships. But, today's the day when you finally have met your match. And your significant other knows that your engagement story should be just as sweet and sentimental.

Truth is, you're in this for forever. You can't imagine spending the rest of your life with anyone else, and plan to be your partner's best friend as well as companion. This couple is truly one of the cutest out there (in my personal opinion), and according to the stars, all your passion deserves just the same.

Sagittarius: The Destination Proposal
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Expect your proposal during a truly tropical trip, Sagittarius. You and your significant other love traveling together. Even if it's just taking short adventures around your town, or trying out new coffee shops on Saturday mornings -- you two live for making memories and experiencing everything in life. You're always constantly on the move, so you know not to expect anything at home. Just keep your eyes out when they set up a camera on the beach. It could totally mean something more.

This couple jetted off to Thailand for the most unreal proposal set right in the soft sand and teal surf. You might not necessarily hit up a whole new continent, but you can best believe that the stars have something epic in store. Be sure to pack your passport either way. A proposal is probably the coolest stamp you'll ever get.

Capricorn: The Musical Proposal
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Next to your wedding, your engagement is a special day. And yours will have a soundtrack, Capricorn. Maybe your significant other will take you to a concert with your favorite band, or just do it jamming out in the car, total Carpool Karaoke-esque. You seriously can't think of a better way to make your life feel like a movie and have a memorable proposal.

As a Capricorn, you're all about tradition. So, your wedding will probably be fairly big with lots of flowers. Your proposal, however, can be a little bit creative like this one -- because as much as you are old-school, you're equally as realistic. One of those big proposals with the energetic flash mob just wouldn't be right, and the stars know it, too.

Aquarius: The Disney Proposal on YouTube

Something quirky and oh-so-sweet is in store for you, Aquarius. Your proposal will take place at the "Happiest Place on Earth," and have you feeling like a princess every step of the way. I think we have those Disney classics to blame for all our fairy tale fantasies. We watched Ariel give up her voice just to be with her soulmate, and a prince come running after Cinderella when she left her shoe at the ball.

This proposal will be equally as magical, and be in the best setting. A couple who gets engaged in front of a castle will be the cause for so many happy tears, and a total dream come true. Love is in your Air sign, Aquarius. Let it all sweep you right off your feet.

Pisces: The Beach Proposal
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You don't like much of a scene, Pisces. Truth is, you really like your solitude, so a proposal might have never been the first thing on your mind. But, you do love the ocean and find yourself falling in love just the same with a person who's just as sentimental.

Your proposal will go just swimmingly, and I'm sorry for all the water puns -- your sign is just so crystal clear! According to the stars, something effortlessly romantic and loving will be just what you like. You've always loved those lazy Sundays when you and your significant other could snuggle up all day, or have breakfast in bed. Upgrade that to a beach day, and spend your afternoon with the most perfect proposal.