The Perfect Engagement Ring Style For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Mae Small/Stocksy

Will you marry me? Yes! We all know how proposals go, mostly because we've watched a million videos of perfect ones and daydreamed about our own along the way. How your significant other will pop the question is always the most beautiful surprise, and you already know you'll be crying when the moment comes around. You've already thanked your lucky stars for surrounding you with such love in your life. But, you might want to write out one more card because they know the best engagement ring style for you, too, based on your zodiac sign.

You might have recruited your bestie to help your bae pick out the ideal ring. She's been there when you've been scrolling through Pinterest, and knows exactly which cut will match your personal style. Some want something simpler and more understated, whereas others want a diamond the size of a raisin. Personally, I would love something with a rose gold band. It just feels more romantic that way.

We have our favorite romantic comedies to thank for putting such epic expectations on our proposals. I mean, think about it, there's literally a movie called The Proposal. And how cool would that be if Betty White showed up for such a special occasion?

However your happily ever after may go, it's sure to be sweet. According to the stars, this is the perfect style ring that you should be showing off.

Aries: Cushion

Cushion-Shaped Diamond Cluster Ring, $1,115, Ritani

A bold person needs a diamond that's big and bright. You have the confidence to pull off a cushion cut diamond, Aries. So, the stars thought your adventurous soul would love to sport something like this.

This style ring is the perfect combination of modern and vintage, with rounded corners and large details. Your motto in life is "go big or go home" in everything you do. From work, to school, and every sport in between, you've always been one to take a risk and face the most difficult challenges. Your engagement ring shouldn't be so shy, either.

Taurus: Emerald
Graff Diamonds

Paragon Emerald Cut Engagement Ring, Graff Diamonds

It's quality over quantity always, Taurus. You've always been quite the fan of the finer things in life, so you're so excited to show off a ring that's sophisticated and straightforward like you.

The emerald cut is naturally incredibly classy, but also means business with very straight sides. There's not much detailing around the rest of the ring, putting the focus completely on the rock. Your the reliable one in your relationship, and so your diamond should be direct, too.

Gemini: Pear
Harry Winston

Classic Winston Pear-Shaped Ring, $26,700+, Harry Winston

You and your significant other make the perfect pear, Gemini. You're rather gentle, so something with a slimmer look will be the right style for your star sign. A pear-shaped stone gives off a romantic, yet realistic vibe. It's not overly flashy, but isn't shockingly simple, either.

In social situations, you're always the one to be making conversations with almost anyone in the crowd. You learn quick which is why you're able to make such deep connections in short periods of time. An engagement ring like this will work well with anything in your closet, just the same.

Cancer: Heart-Shaped
Tiffany & Co.

Heart Shape, $13,200, Tiffany & Co.

An engagement ring is a like a little piece of love that sits forever on your finger, Cancer. You're always so in your emotions, and people often say you wear your heart on your sleeve.

The heart-shaped style ring will take all your feels and put them in one dainty place. You don't like to talk about your personal life much, so showing off your love this way will be so ideal.

Leo: Marquise
Valina Bridals

Marquise Shape Halo Ring, $1,325, Valina Bridals

You love the drama, Leo. Looking back on your life, you probably should've majored in theater in college, but you'll take center stage with the marquise style, instead.

Like an Aries, your engagement ring should be bold and bright. You were born in the heat of summer and have the warm heart to prove it. Something so big and beautiful only will remind you of the sun and intense feelings you have toward your special someone.

Virgo: Asscher
Brilliant Earth

Luxe Ballad Diamond Ring, $3,740, Brilliant Earth

You love the little things, Virgo. You've always been incredibly detail-oriented, which is why you're probably the best gift giver and most thoughtful significant other that anyone could ever ask for. Relationships can be hard, but you're always willing to put in the hard work. An asscher style engagement ring will have that same "be there or be square" attitude as you, taking all the beauty of the emerald cut and making it a little more practical.

Libra: Radiant
Brilliant Earth

Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Ring, $1,190, Brilliant Earth

When it comes to weddings, love, proposals, and everything in between, we can all get a little soft. You, in particular, Libra love the sense of true unity you're about to experience with your special someone. Feeling so in sync with another human being is beautiful, and when love is in the air, so is harmony.

The radiant engagement ring won't have rough edges, but will still be wonderfully brilliant in size and beauty. Often surrounded by a unique band, this style is rather rare, but also incredibly realistic.

Scorpio: Minimalist
David Yurman

DY Unity Petite Cable Engagement Ring, $2,400+, David Yurman

You're oh-so-passionate, Scorpio. Falling in love is kind of your forte. You love the idea of finding someone to spend forever and ever with, and often wonder why you're always so willing to give your heart to another human. Truth is, we all get swept up in the love story, and yours just happens to be the grandest of all.

Despite the fact that your love and feelings are both so large, your engagement ring will be rather petite and perfect just the same. You're resourceful, and that doesn't stop with your relationship. Something minimalistic makes a lot of sense for your personal style, and you don't need much to show off your passion.

Sagittarius: Princess
Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany Novo Princess Cut, $32,800+, Tiffany & Co.

You're a sharp one, Sagittarius. Maybe it's because of all your travels, or just your quick wit, but people tend to love your company because you always have a funny story to tell.

The princess cut engagement ring is one of the most popular. With pointed corners and a square shape, it's bold and beautiful. It's sure to be a conversation starter, but you're rather extroverted, so the social attention won't scare you much. You just feel so lucky to have found someone who understands your love for freedom and wandering the world, and this ring will be seemingly just as spontaneous.

Capricorn: Round
David Yurman

DY Capri Pave Engagement Ring, $11,950+, David Yurman

You're a classic cut, Capricorn. So, the stars have decided that an engagement ring style that's effortlessly chic and totally traditional will be the best fit for you. Like a Taurus, you value quality over quantity. You'd rather have a one diamond that's perfectly dainty over a bunch that aren't nearly as beautiful.

The round cut will never go out of style, and you'll love how timeless it feels on your finger. You want your love to last, and nothing will show off your commitment better than this circular stone.

Aquarius: Oval

Modern Bypass Micropave Diamond Band Engagement Ring, $1,470, Ritani

The classic round cut gets a bit of an edgy upgrade with the oval style engagement ring. You've always been a little eccentric, Aquarius. And your future fiance loves that you always keep your lives interesting. Whether it's suggesting new, exotic adventures to take or finding local spots to try — you're always on the move to make the most of every minute with your significant other.

This cut is just the right amount of trendy and #artsy. Surround your stone with a bedazzled band to really show off your love a little bit. Your significant other knows that you're unique (In fact, you'll probably be one to wear sneakers to your wedding instead of heels.), and an oval is one-of-a-kind, too.

Pisces: Vintage-Inspired
Blue Nile

Petite Vintage Pavé Leaf Diamond Ring, $950, Blue Nile

You love your solitude, Pisces, But, you love spending time with your significant other even more. Getting married might not have been on the top of your bucket list, but you know that'll you immediately say yes when they're in front of you on one knee.

You're a Water sign, so your emotions are fairly strong and are continuously flowing. The vintage style will truly match your level of compassion and care, by bringing the past to life in the most beautiful of ways. You don't like to look back much, but you'll find a lot of love and comfort in this engagement ring.