The Style Your Bridesmaid Dresses Should Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Here comes the bride, and of course, the bridesmaids. You've probably spent some time daydreaming about your big day, watching endless episodes of Say Yes To The Dress, and wondering what your own wedding dress will look like one day. You have Pinterest boards dedicated to decor and dessert tables, and certain songs you'd love to slow dance to with your significant other. You've given your bestie the green light to guide your bae into buying the right engagement ring. After all, your wedding wouldn't be quite the same without your lady loves. Yup, you have a pretty solid plan, but the style your bridesmaid dresses should be has already been decided by the stars. Based on your zodiac sign, here's what they'll be wearing.

Truth is, we all love a good love story, and weddings are the icing on the cake. I guess we can thank romantic comedies, Disney princess movies, and our favorite sitcoms for putting the idea of happily ever after in our heads. Think about it. Jim and Pam in The Office, Ariel and Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid, and Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake in Friends With Benefits. No matter how many times we watch those scenes, we'll alway end up sniffling a bit.

We want our besties to feel just as good as we will on our wedding day. They'll be in all the pictures, and the most valuable players of the after-party. It's only right that they get to say "yes" to a dress, too. If you're unsure what your sister-friends should wear, start with the style bridesmaid dress most suitable for your zodiac sign.

Aries: Halter
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You're all about comfort, Aries. The phrase "look good, feel good" takes a whole new level with you. When you're comfortable, you're confident — and oh boy, do you love to be confident.

You've surrounded yourself with quite a spunky squad. They're energetic like you, and so they'll need a dress with the halter top style so that they can dance and scream sing without a worry in the world. There's no room for wardrobe malfunctions at your wedding.

Taurus: V-Neck
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You're reliable and practical, Taurus. So, a style that fits just the same will be totally ideal for your big day. A V-neck style bridesmaid dress is probably one of the most classic looks. It's elegant and romantic, yet can be conservative at times, too.

Your besties will appreciate the balance and effortless beauty that comes with this fit. Sometimes, finding a style that works for everyone in your crew can be difficult, but for your bridesmaids, it will be a breeze.

Gemini: Illusion
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You have a very mixed personality, Gemini. A style with a little bit of mystery just like you will be in your bridesmaids' best interest. Out of all the signs, you've probably been day dreaming the most about this special day. You've read a lot of fairytales and already have some music picked out in your mind. You're oh-so-curious, but the stars know that decisions aren't your strongest suit. So, they picked something perfect out for you.

The illusion style is a little secretive, but still incredibly chic. Maybe the neckline is lined with lace, or something simple and sheer. Whatever it may be, it'll most definitely match all of your wedding visions.

Cancer: One Shoulder
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You don't like anything too revealing, Cancer. So, this one shoulder style will suit you and your bridesmaids just perfectly. It'll add something interesting and dramatic to the average neckline, but also come across as incredibly classy and simply sweet.

You've always been one to keep your personal life fairly private. So, your wedding might not be as big as the ones in the movies. Maybe you've been imagining a small ceremony with just your closest family and friends. It's more intimate that way, and you'll love something so effortlessly lovely.

Leo: Mermaid
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You love a little drama, Leo. Your personal style is probably filled with bright colors, or silhouettes meant for a stage. On your wedding day, you'll be in the spotlight. But, you won't want your squad to be simple and drab in the background.

A mermaid style dress will be flirty, passionate, and fun. Unlike a Cancer, your wedding will probably be fairly big and one vibrant party. You've always put a lot of importance on your social life, and you're excited to have all the people you find so special in one place.

Virgo: Cap-Sleeved
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You don't leave much up to chance, Virgo. So, a cap-sleeved style bridesmaid dress will makes the most sense for you. There's a method to your ways, and you've maybe been compared to Monica from Friends more than once in your lifetime.

You may not have a binder to organize everything for your big day, or a headset to help keep things straightforward — but, you'll appreciate the simplicity of this style dress. You're not a big fan of the spotlight, and like you, this dress gives off a little bit of a shy vibe that'll be so sweet on your special day.

Libra: Long-Sleeved
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You love to keep the peace, Libra. Weddings are your absolute favorite because they represent a union between two people — there's no other harmony quite like that. Something long-sleeved will be the style for your bridesmaid dresses because it's not too flashy, but equally dressy.

You've probably always wanted your wedding to be outdoors. Maybe on a golf course, or a cozy spot along a lake. This style will be also oh-so-suitable for whatever weather you may face, as well (Although, we're crossing our fingers that it's all sunshine.).

Scorpio: Separates
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You're so resourceful, Sagittarius. So, the separates style will show off all that passion with a little bit of purpose, too. Your gal pals might choose to match for the sake of memories, or maybe switch it up and choose pieces that have a little bit of their personal personalities. They've been your friends forever, so you trust their judgement.

For you, your wedding day is truly a dream come true. You fall head over heels quick because you love the feeling, and finding someone who will pick out the grand romance package or dive head first into life's adventures with you is a priority.

Sagittarius: Short
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Out of all your crew, you'll be the one to book a destination wedding, Sagittarius. Sure, you get sentimental over your first date spot, and easily slip into nostalgia when you think about your first kiss. But, you and your bridesmaids know that hopping on a plane is never out of the picture.

Destination weddings can be a little bit of a fuss for family and friends, but lucky for your bridesmaids they won't have to worry too much about their wardrobe. According to the stars, you'll opt for a short dress because -- let's be honest -- it's so much more your style. Something with a lot of flow, but also a lot of freedom to move will be the best for making your kind of memories.

Capricorn: Sweetheart
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You're so classic, Capricorn. And a simple, yet timeless sweetheart neckline will never go out of style. You love weddings for the traditions that come with telling your partner, "I do." When it comes to your special day, your guests can expect that you won't venture far off the usual script. You'll have been planning every little detail during the many months before, including a fire playlist that you're positive will get your guests moving toward the dance floor.

Something strapless might seem a little risky, and you might be quick to expect the worst — aka, a wardrobe malfunction. But, your best friends will be just fine and looking as sweet and chic as ever in this style dress.

Aquarius: Mid-Length
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You always do your own thing, Aquarius. So, a style that's slightly off the beaten path will be perfect for you. Mid-length dresses hit the scene a few years ago and can sometimes be a bold look. However, with the right pair of heels, your bridesmaids will have everyone turning their heads.

On your special day, you might feel a little shy. You love to be independent, but that doesn't mean taking on the spotlight. If life was a stage, well, you experience stage fright at times. But, you are so original and a little eccentric and choose to show it off in places like your style. Your wedding day will be busy, and you'll probably spend some time helping your squad get ready. Be a little selfish, Aquarius. It's your time to shine.

Pisces: Cold Shoulder
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You're a Water sign, Pisces. So, something with the right amount of flow will be the perfect fit. The cold shoulder style is relatively new in fashion. Where department stores have totally overdone it on everyday tops and sweaters, the wedding world is just starting to work this wonder into dresses.

Like you, this style is incredibly artistic. Your friends will be floating down the aisle, much like a beautiful melody. On an average day, you love being alone, but you'll be so happy to be surrounded by such a stylish squad when you marry that special someone.