These Chill Bachelorette Party Ideas Were Made For The Lazy Bride-To-Be

Kayla Snell/Stocksy

Before you get married, you have to make some more memories with your besties. Bachelorette parties are just part of the tradition when it comes to wedding season. Sometimes they're a night to celebrate being single (sort of) one last time, and other times they're a reason to book a weekend getaway with your girls. Surrounding yourself with your soul sisters is essential — and if you're the maid of honor or another member of the bridal party, you've probably already started making plans. Your lady is lazy, so the best bachelorette party ideas for her will fit her chill lifestyle, but be entirely lit just the same.

You're kind of lucky that your best friend is so low-key. She's made wedding planning so easy and effortless — right down to picking out the perfect dress. On her special day, she'll probably take a nap before the ceremony, and swap out heels for a nice sandal. Her hair will be in loose curls and she won't fuss much over her mascara. You've always been so amazed at her ability to look naturally chic like this all the time, and wonder how she still manages to run so late.

The bachelorette party should match the person, and you want it to be an experience she'll remember forever. Take some carefree cues and consider one of these eight ideas to celebrate love with your lazy friend.

A Spa Day

Your lazy bride is as cool as a cucumber. She'll spend hours soaking in the bath with a coconut candle and a good book, or take way too long in the shower because she's daydreaming and inevitably running late. A spa day will be a refreshing retreat for her, and let her live the lifestyle she loves.

Spend an afternoon getting facials and maybe a fish pedicure, too. Your muscles have been so tense lately because you've wanted to make sure this bachelorette party was perfectly planned, so book you and the bridal crew some deep tissue massages. Finish the day off with a yoga class or some mindfulness meditation. Nothing will send your lazy sister-friend into married life better than a spa day ending in a pilates party.

A Sleepover

Sleepovers never go out of style. Growing up, you and your bestie bride probably had quite a few of these, trying to pull all-nighters and inevitably napping the next day. It's time to dance until dawn one more time, and cue up all of her favorite romantic comedies and sitcom wedding scenes. Your lazy bride doesn't want anything big for her bachelorette party, so a slumber party will be a perfect, simple surprise.

Bake some cupcakes with your crew, or host a scavenger hunt around the house. Mattress surfing is always an option if you have the right space, or maybe you'll keep your feet on the ground and have a good old-fashioned pillow fight or build a fort. Girls just want to have fun, and what better way to celebrate getting married than by snuggling up with your other soulmates?

A Beach Day

Surf's up. Pack a cooler and maybe KanJam, too. Your bestie loves to set aside some time for rest and relaxation. It's how she copes with all that wedding planning stress! Sure, you could soak up bottomless mimosas, but a beach day always calls for fun in the sun and everyone could use a little vitamin sea.

This bachelorette party is best in summertime or when the weather's warm, so that your crew doesn't have to bundle up ski trip-style and can wade in the waves. Maybe you top it off with a bonfire on the beach, or make it a weekend affair with a little glamping. Your lazy bride loves to sleep, but she'll never pass up a s'more and some quality time with the sand beZtween her toes.

A Coffee Shop Hop

You've heard of bar crawls, but your bestie bride doesn't like all the fuss that comes with the scene of a usual Friday night. Bars tend to be crowded, and she just wants to wear slippers and be surrounded by her crew in a space where she can actually hear them speak.

A coffee shop hop is a great alternative. Crawl your way through caffeine instead of cosmos, and stop at all your favorite local places, grabbing a drink or maybe a muffin along the way.

If you want to take this bachelorette party to the next level, book some plane tickets with your bride squad and get a cappuccino on every corner in a place like Italy — the real coffee country.

A Champagne Tasting

Wining and dining your bride-to-be is key for her bachelorette party. But, keep the cork on that Cabernet and pop a bottle of champagne instead. Your bestie is about to get a taste of the married life, and there's so much to celebrate. A champagne tasting will be a great way to switch up the usual vineyard visit, whether you host the party yourself, or find a local place to try some prosecco.

Make a toast to the happy couple, and if champagne doesn't seem fitting for your crew, maybe try tequila or mix in a mimosa. Book a hotel room for a night or plan to break out the air mattresses for an adult sleepover, so that nobody has to worry about getting home. And, of course, make sure there's plenty of your lazy bride's favorite snacks.

A Bestie Brunch

Bestie brunches don't have to be reserved for Galentine's Day. Truth is, they make a great bachelorette party idea for the laziest of brides, who thrive on breakfast in bed. Whip out the waffle maker at home, or make a reservation at that cute place in the city. Your bride isn't quite a morning person, but loves her maple syrup just the same — so this meal is always bound to make memories.

If you want to upgrade this idea, you could turn it into a weekend-long stay at a bed and breakfast with your bestie and her bridal party. A little getaway with her girls and some french toast will be just fine for such a low-key lady.

A Puppy Party

Your bride is oh-so-lazy, but can you really blame her? When we're snuggled up in bed with our pups, our planners rarely take priority. For her bachelorette party, bring in all the animals and have some quality play time. She's quite the introvert and loves doing things that are effortless. A puppy party doesn't call for anything glamorous, just a whole lot of good boys.

Maybe your friend crew is loaded with cute dogs, and so everybody brings their fluff along. Or maybe you go to a local shelter, give back for day, and just walk the dogs around the local park. The best goodie bag ever would include a Golden Retriever, totally Bridesmaids-style.

A Suite Life Night

Your bestie is sweet on her significant other, but for her bachelorette party, her lazy self will be suite on a different kind of lifestyle. Whether you book a room somewhere locally or jet-set to a unique hotel somewhere in the world (Have you heard of the Horoscope Hotel in Australia?), this is a great idea for your lazy friend who loves to sleep.

Hotels somehow always have the comfiest beds, and you'll all want to pack your bathing suits for the rooftop pool, too. Raid the mini bar and spend your night in those big fluffy robes. Maybe you'll even order room service at an all-inclusive resort. Half of the fun of any trip is the hotel, and your lazy bride will love the endless buffets.