This Horoscope Hotel Is The Perfect Spot For A Zodiac Lover's Bachelorette Party


Before you're a bride, you're a bachelorette. It's tradition that before the big day, you have one more party to celebrate being — well sort of, I suppose —single. Our best friends are completely in charge of coming up with something special. Maybe you'll spend the whole weekend in your favorite city with your friend crew, hit up the local bars, or have a totally unique adventure. As the bestie in this scenario, you might feel a little stressed, especially if your special someone is obsessed with the stars. But take a deep breath, because the best bachelorette party ideas for the zodiac lover are insanely cool and cosmic.

People often get astrology and astronomy confused, so let me clear it up a bit. Your bestie might be equally obsessed with the moon, and as perfect as the planets. But, astrology is more about the constellations and energies that are separate, yet related to the exact science going on in space. Depending on where the planets are in their orbits, our personal atmospheres are affected.

Have you ever heard of Mercury Retrograde? Your bestie has probably blamed her problems on this celestial event on more than one occasion (I'll forever be guilty of this.). During this event, the planet Mercury is apparently moving backwards, causing our communication and travel plans to get totally thrown out of wack. Maybe don't plan her bachelorette party during one of these times of the year.

Your bachelorette is a zodiac lover, so her party has to be totally star-studded. Here are seven ideas you might want to consider that will totally speak to her love for the signs.

Bring In A Teller For A Tarot Card Reading
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If you want to travel a bit in time, call in a fortune teller to read the tarot cards of your crew. Tarot card readings are meant to give insight and inspiration into what's happened in the past, what's currently happening in the present, and what will happen in the future. Far out, right?

Sure, this might seem a little spooky and we're not all mentally prepared to relive moments of the past. But, your bestie will totally love the energy in the room during this reading.

Go Stargazing In Sedona To Find Her Sign In The Sky
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For your zodiac lover, the sky is never the limit. She shoots for the stars and what's beyond because she knows the universe has so much more in store. Stargazing is totally underrated, but your bride-to-be will know it's really the best adventure — especially for a bachelorette party.

Road trip to your nearest national park and set yourselves up for a solid night of stargazing. Places like Red Rock State Park in Arizona or Acadia National Park in Maine make for some of the best spots to see the night sky. (Honestly, anywhere with a lot of nature and few buildings will be ideal.)

Maybe bring some moon-inspired cocktails and cozy blankets along for the trip. If your crew isn't so into nature, you can rent a night capsule for a night. It's essentially a heated camping tent with a clear top so you can sleep under the stars without being disturbed.

Go To An Astrology-Themed Bar In Bushwick, NY
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An astrology-themed bar just opened in Bushwick, NY — just in time for your zodiac lover's bachelorette party! Mood Ring, sitting right on Myrtle Avenue, is a bright spot for any star sign. The walls are lined with artwork from local artists and neon signs that will make you feel like you're spending some serious time in outer space.

The menu is constantly changing, with new drink additions every month that are strategically created for each zodiac sign. If your bachelorette is hoping to hit up the bar scene, but you want to find somewhere special that will speak to her star-loving soul, then this might be the spot for you.

Try Your Luck With Tea Leaves
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Whether you call in a teller, or try reading some tea leaves on your own, your zodiac lover will appreciate this activity at her bachelorette party.

Like tarot cards, tea leaves are meant to give you a different outlook on your life. Maybe they'll ruffle up some old feathers, or help you find something within yourself you didn't know you had. Pick up a book, look at the patterns, and see what the universe is trying to tell you. You can do this with tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments. So, wine night, anyone?

Book A Trip To This Horoscope Hotel In Sydney, Australia
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If your bachelorette bestie is a Sagittarius, she'll especially love something so adventurous as this. You've heard of destination weddings, but have you ever thought of taking a trip for the bachelorette party, too? Sure, this will absolutely be breaking the bank a bit, but if you can plan it right, karma will surely come back around with something good.

The Ultimo in Sydney, Australia is the world's first astrology-themed hotel, and would be the perfect spot to spend a few nights with your star lover. Choose between one of many experiences that are totally tailored to your zodiac sign to ensure the most perfect stay and visit with the city. You're a Pisces? Well, you feel like a fish out of water without your sleep, and this place is something straight out of your dreams.

Throw A Personalized Zodiac Party For Your Person
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Sometimes, a classic surprise party is the way to go. Your bachelorette and bride might not love the bar scene, and really just wants to spend some quality time with her crew. On that note, take to Pinterest and all the DIY crafts you can find to plan a perfect personalized zodiac party.

Make cupcakes with your bestie's sign on top, and hang tapestries from the walls. Fill bowls with crystals, and buy some string so you can all make dream catchers. The stars can create quite the aesthetic, and this party will still be totally social media-worthy.

Find Your Centers In A Yogastrology Class
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Yoga and astrology together makes yogastrology. You want to get the good vibes flowing for your girl, so take a yoga class that has a twist like this. In its simplest form, yogastrology is all about using your zodiac sign to help you find your center. No two signs are alike, so the poses that make them feel perfectly at peace shouldn't be the same either.

Slowing down might not seem ideal for a celebration, but there are a lot of benefits and beauty that comes with this class. Snap a pic or two of your crew striking your various yoga poses and post them to Instagram. It will be a bachelorette party that's totally out of this world.