Yoga Poses For Your Zodiac Sign That'll Help You Find Your Inner Strength

by Georgina Berbari
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You're probably used to using your zodiac sign to interpret your personality traits and see what the stars say is in store for you in the coming weeks. However, your sign can also help you learn more about your own health and the various realms of your body. This is why figuring the most nourishing and aligned yoga poses for your zodiac sign will help make your next flow feel as juicy as ever all the way from your head down to your toes.

Yes, "yogastrology" is a thing, people. Combining the strong practices and beliefs of yoga and astrology looks at the body through the lens of your zodiac sign, using yoga asanas to strengthen them.

When you really tune in with your body on a deeper level beyond your physical self, it allows you to become more attuned with the universe, the cosmos, and ultimately leads to a sense of gratitude, fulfillment, and overall wellness from the inside out.

"Yogastrology" brings your body into alignment with the sun, moon, and stars, syncing your body and mind to the natural cycles of the earth, and allowing you to let go of what doesn't serve you once and for all.

Here are the yoga poses each zodiac sign needs in their lives to promote the best possible mind-body connection. Incorporating these movements into your practice will let you unlock your highest potential of inner strength and allow you to become more deeply in tune with your body and its needs.

Aries Is A Warrior
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Aries is an enthusiastic, yet aggressive sign.

You can harness all of your inner energy by striking any of the warrior poses: warrior I, II, III, or reverse warrior.

These movements will help your body feel nourished and revitalized, and you can use those energizing vibes to connect with your inner strength.

Taurus Needs Strength And Flexibility
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Taurus is steady, patient, and a hard worker.

A heart-opening yoga pose will allow you to get in tune with your gentle and kind nature. But bridge pose in particular will seriously challenge your strength.

Breathe through the burn, Taurus, and observe the thoughts that come up along the way.

Gemini Craves Challenge And Change
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The three C's are what will define a Gemini's optimal yoga pose: challenge, change, and chatter.

Gemini's mind is often flooded with too much chatter. So a pose like cobra will help you hone in on steady focus, while adding a challenging twist of working to get your toes to your head will provide just the spice you're seeking.

Cancer Loves Comfort And Safety
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Cancers are home-bodies seeking the warm glow of comfort and safety.

Forward folds will allow you to show yourself all the self-love, compassion, and protection you deserve.

Give yourself a huge huge while taking an expansive inhale. Exhale, and let it all go.

Leo Wants To Steal The Show
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Leos are powerful AF, and they have a tendency to be a bit of a show-off.

Lion's breath is literally perfect for your sign. Drop your jaw and roar as loudly as you can! You might feel ridiculous, or you might feel incredible as all hell. Either way, this is the ideal warm-up for your time on the mat.

Virgo Will Benefit From A Practical Pose
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Virgos are analytical and need to know why they're doing what they're doing.

Boat pose is a core-centric pose that will benefit and strengthen all of the other yoga asanas in your flow to help make your practice both rooted and powerful.

Libra Wants Peace And Poise
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Libra, you are a peaceful sign, but this doesn't mean you should simply chill in savasana.

Find your poise, elegance, and strength in a graceful dancer's pose.

Scorpio Needs A Hip-Opener ASAP
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Oh, dear Scorpio. You are passionate as hell, but all your pent-up emotion needs to go somewhere.

Hip-openers are an amazing way to release stagnant emotions that are often stored in the hip region. Try poses such as king pigeon (and any of its variations), or cow face pose.

Trust me, you need this.

Give Sagittarius All The Heart-Openers
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Sagittarius is generous with a huge heart. Compliment your strengths with an expansive heart-opener, such as low lunge with a backbend.

Listen to your body, and only go as far as feels good. Don't let your ego get the best of you in this asana.

Capricorn Seeks Balance, Structure, And Gratitude
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Balance, structure, and gratitude are what Capricorns vibe with spiritually.

Root yourself into the earth with a mountain pose, or try taking a grounding tree pose. Raise your arms to the sky, and fill your body with breath and air.

Lean into the gracious nature of this pose as you relish that feeling of inner strength.

Aquarius Is All About Unity
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For an Aquarius, unity of the mind, body, and soul is imperative, which is why eagle pose is where it's at for you.

Start with a long spine as you wrap up your arms and legs. Then, with steady breathing, slowly fold into yourself.

Find your focus, and once you do, you'll feel powerful and balanced, both mentally and physically.

Pisces Is Artistic And Expressive AF
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Pisces is all about making art with their body and mind.

Inversions will be right up your alley as a grounding, yet uniquely creative outlet. Whether you decide to try out a headstand, forearm stand, handstand, or really anything in the realm of arm balances, playing around with (literally) flipping your perspective is just the spice your yoga practice needs.