This Is The Best Workout For Your Body, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Georgina Berbari

If you're a believer in horoscopes and astrology, you know that the characteristics and traits that describe your sign can be eerily accurate. And even if you're not that into syncing up with the stars, downloading a zodiac app and staying up to date with your horoscope is honestly entertaining and intriguing AF. So, if you want to get even deeper into aligning with your most prominent personality traits, knowing the right workouts for your zodiac sign will definitely take your normal fitness routine to the next level.

Have you ever finished a workout and it was just, well, eh? Nothing was necessarily wrong, but you didn't get that rush of kickass endorphins that usually make working out feel amazing AF.

Astrology can provide you with deeper insight into your personality, strengths, weaknesses, flaws, preferences, desires, and attitudes toward life. Getting a glimpse into these different aspects of who you are might just help you find the change you need to revamp your normal workout routine, so you won't have to waste your time at that cycling class you low-key hate. Instead, tapping into your zodiac sign might just help you find a workout that strengthens both your body and your soul.

So, here are a few suggestions for how to work out according to your zodiac sign. Remember to always listen to your body, and keep in mind that these aren't set-in-stone rules, but rather ideas that are fun to play around with on the path to finding what suits you best and makes you feel empowered.

Aquarius Is All About Doing Good For Others

Aquarius peeps are humanitarian AF. They love spending time with others and helping people out whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Hiking for a cause would be right up your alley — or really, any group activity that donates its proceeds to something you're passionate about. lets you browse through hiking events that are linked to a cause. The opportunities are endless!

Pisces Is Creative, But Needs Guidance

Pisces, you're super artistic, and you're always looking for outlets to express your creativity. However, you also crave a strong leader to guide you, so a killer vinyasa yoga class could be exactly what you're looking for.

Creating art with your own body and being led by a knowledgable instructor — a win all-around, amirite?

Aries Needs A Way To Let It All Out

Aries peeps are super enthusiastic, which is all fun and games, until their aggressive side comes out.

Boxing or bootcamp is the way to go for you, girl. Let that sh*t out in the best way possible.

Taurus Likes To Put In The Hard Work, Even If It Takes A While

Taurus is reliable, patient, and kind.

Slow and steady wins the race for you. So, quite literally, long-distance running would be the way to go.

Geminis Like To Change Things Up As Often As Possible

Geminis learn new things quickly, adapt to change, and love a good challenge.

Listen to your body, and try out new, different workout classes each week. You'll love experimenting with new challenges, and the constantly changing atmospheres will give you life.

Cancers Thrive In The Right Group Settings

Cancers love staying at home, but this doesn't mean they're antisocial.

When they feel comfortable in the right setting, this sign can thrive in groups. Try live-streaming a home workout, such as Tabata, or a killer HIIT circuit could be your jam, too.

Physique 57 is a killer workout that will sculpt your core like nobody's business — right in the comfort of your bedroom.

Leos Want An Audience In Their Fitness Routine

You know your friend who literally needs to go to the dance floor every time you go out on the weekend? They're probably a Leo.

Leo gals are passionate and have huge hearts, but TBH, they like having an audience when they work out.

Zumba or any other kind of dance-based cardio is where it's at.

Virgos Need To Know Why They're Doing What They're Doing

Virgos are analytical AF. They want to know the benefits of their fitness routine, and they want to know them now.

Mind-body workouts will give you the self-awareness you strive to maintain, so try a short HIIT circuit with some nice meditation afterward.

Libras Crave A Sense Of Peace In Their Workout

Libras are social, yet very peaceful individuals. But they'll also be the first to admit they hate being alone.

Aerial yoga or acro yoga will give you that sense of peace you're seeking, while also allowing you to feel the connection of a partner, or the energy of a collaborative group setting.

Scorpios Need Ways To Channel Their Emotions

Scorpio, you are passionate as all hell, but at the same time, you can honestly get pretty aggressive if you don't work to channel those negative emotions in a healthy way.

Anything that helps you harness a sense of power and control is what you should gravitate toward. Depending on the day and how you're feeling, that could be boxing, spinning, or even meditative yoga.

Sagittarius Is All About Working Out For A Cause

Sagittarius is known to be very generous, but this sign may promise more than they can ultimately deliver.

Try signing up for a half-marathon or triathlon; just be sure not to be overly ambitious with fundraising, you feel me?

Capricorns Like A Little One-On-One Guidance

Last but not least, Capricorns are disciplined, dependable, and have loads of self-control. Finding a personal trainer that will cater to your needs and rely on you to show up and work your butt off is sure to help you thrive.

And if you don't have access to a personal trainer, simply finding a workout buddy that will hold you accountable for your weight room dates will still suit you to a T.