Moon-Inspired Cocktails Exist & They'll Bring Your Insta To A New Level

It's only the beginning of the New Year, and yet another celestial event is just around the corner. This year is starting off right, and on Jan. 31, we will be blessed with a Super Blue Blood Moon. Try saying that four times fast! It's a bit of a tongue twister, but what it really means is we're getting our second full moon of the month, and a total lunar eclipse at the same time. It truly is something to celebrate, so start planning your moon viewing party now with some Super Blue Blood Moon cocktails.

It takes a lot of coincidence for a Super Blue Blood Moon to happen. You need a supermoon on the same night as a total lunar eclipse. If you thought that was special enough, now to make it a Blue Moon, you need to have two full moons in the same calendar month. Since we already experienced the Wolf Moon on Jan. 1, this is the second full moon we're getting to see in January. It's so unique that the moon is basically begging for us to look at it and celebrate how cool it is. It's not a party without some cocktails of course, so if you're 21 and up, you'll want to try these eight moon-inspired drinks.

Blood Moon Pomegranate-Cranberry Cocktail
Common Man Cocktails on YouTube

When a total lunar eclipse happens, the shadow of the Earth is blocking the sun's light, which is why the moon looks red. The redness is why we call it a Blood Moon, so a red cocktail is naturally a perfect choice for your moon viewing party. This cocktail spotlights some of our favorite red fruits, like pomegranate and cranberries.

Blood Orange Moon Cocktail
Tipsy Bartender on YouTube

This Blood Moon cocktail utilizes blood oranges, because it just makes sense. Blood oranges give off such a beautiful red hue that it will match the moon perfectly. Orange you glad we're making cocktails?

Blood Moon Cocktail With Merlot
El Moro Spirits & Tavern on YouTube

For all you wine lovers, this Blood Moon cocktail uses Merlot to add more of the red color you want to see. This recipe also includes cherry bark vanilla bitters which sound delicious. The blood orange garnish even looks like a Blood Moon floating in the cocktail. Talk about setting the scene.

Full Moon Beer Cocktail
DJs BrewTube on YouTube

For a Super Blue Blood Moon, you obviously would want to include Blue Moon beer somehow. I mean, it has Blue Moon in the name! This is also one of the easiest recipes on the list, so even a first-time mixologist could master this gem.

Blue Moon Cocktail
Cocktails U on YouTube

This is a perfect drink to serve if your moon party has a speakeasy vibe to it. The crème de violette gives the cocktail a really cool purple color. A purple drink is as unique as a Super Blue Blood Moon, so it seems very fitting to serve this one for your festivities.

Bloody Moony Cocktail
VideoFromSpace on YouTube

This video has four different moon-inspired drinks we would love to try, but we think the Bloody Moony cocktail is really fun. It's basically a Bloody Mary with a moon pun, and we're loving it. I wonder if you say "Bloody Moony" three times in a row, the Super Blue Blood Moon will appear sooner.

Creamy Moon Cocktail
Barman in red on YouTube

This cocktail is inspired solely by the moon, and it's super creamy. It's more of a dessert cocktail with coconut milk, Baileys, and Malibu rum, and we're totally here for it. Don't forget the chocolate sprinkled on top, but you already knew that, because no one could ever forget the chocolate.

Hot Moon Lady Cocktail
Ventuno Cocktails on YouTube

If you really want to impress your friends, this Hot Moon Lady cocktail is out of this world. It's a total Instagram-worthy drink with the separated colorful layers. You get a little blue to represent the Blue Moon, and a little red to represent the Blood Moon.