This Wine Safari Is Perfect For Your Bestie's Bachelorette Party

Your girl is getting married and she's about to walk those cute pumps down the aisle and into matrimony. Before you send her off to forever with her SO, a killer bachelorette party has to seal the deal. If wine has always been her go-to celebratory beverage, since the moment she was proposed to you were already jotting down wine tasting bachelorette party ideas because, to you girls, if you aren't sippin', did you even really celebrate?

The most brilliant part about wine tasting is that it doesn't have to be done one way and it's acceptable for many occasions. While you and your girls have probably mastered the impromptu boozy brunch Sundays, you want to plan this outing the best way you can. C'mon, your girl deserves the world and if you can make her feel like she's on top of it with a full glass of rosé, go for it.

I know how wine can get us in our feelings at times, but this is a turning point for your girl, and happy tears don't ruin eyeliner as much. If your bride puts the "I" in wine, she'll enjoy any of these activities for her bachelorette party with her tribe.

Make Sure She Can Get To The Vino Van
ellieyoung1993 on Twitter

Want to keep the bachelorette party quiet and quaint at home? No problem.

No matter what you ladies get into at home, having a truck with wine in it nearby will be so, so fun. I mean come on, how adorable will something like this pink vino van look in your party pictures? If your celebrations are during the summertime, place this bad boy by the pool and next to the DJ (aka, Amazon Alexa) streaming your bachelorette party playlist.

Embark On A Malibu Wine Safari
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Wine and a safari? This is one of the best pairings you can have aside from cheese. Saddle up with your main girls and adventure through the downright stunning 1,000 acre Saddlerock Ranch, home to the Malibu Wine Safaris. Get close to animals you've ever only seen on TV. It'll be such a great experience for your bride, and she'll be perfectly equipped with a variety of fine wine.

Bring In A Professional To Guide The Tribe
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Wine professionals make house visits. It's OK to be in shock right about now.

Make arrangements for a sommelier (a wine steward), to come and show you girls how a wine tasting is really done. Since they'll have the wine part down pat, you can focus on all of those other portions of the party. There are companies nationwide that provide this service.

Explore The Jarvis Caves
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OK, Napa is seriously the place to be for a bachelorette party, and the Jarvis Caves even further prove my point. Travel underground in the 45,000 square feet of tunnels. Also, you'll be able to pose for some prime pics in front of the backdrop of the Vaca Mountains. Sure, you've had wine in a variety of places, but a cave? Get ready to add it to the list.

Make Your Mark At The Hands-On Harvest
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Have you ever wanted to really put your foot in your wine? Well, at Robertson Wine Valley's Hands-On Harvest be part of the entire process of picking, stomping, and blending. The bride tribe can really get their hands dirty, and you'll be able to say that you've had wine together and made wine together.

Play A Few Rounds Of Wine-Opoly
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You totally can't turn down this kind of nostalgic fun with an adult twist. Wine-opoly is a game that's great for groups. It's also not too hard to find online or possibly in stores. Getting your hands on this board game for you and your girls to try is a bachelorette party staple.

Host A Themed Sip And Paint
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Do some of your ladies love cabernet or moscato? Why not host a themed sip and paint party for your BFF? The theme can be anything the bride likes, and make sure to paint something super unique. You know, something people will actually want to put on their wall and not in the back of their closet.

A bachelorette party and wine make a picture perfect pairing. You, your girls, and specifically the bride, are the best bunch there is.