The Perfect Wedding Day Hairstyle For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Spring might be right around the corner, but I'm falling head over heels for wedding season. Whether you're in the wedding party, or just attending as a guest, there's truly nothing like celebrating love with your friends and family. As the bride, there's a lot of planning that goes into your big day, and you're lucky to have your besties and bridesmaids to help you out. You've spent so much time daydreaming about saying "yes" to your dress, and went to all your fitting appointments. Now it's just up to the stars to decide the best wedding hairstyle for you on your special day.

It's not the time to have a bad hair day, so you'll probably prep your look in advance to avoid any complications. You've totally stocked up on bobby pins, and got the hairspray with the strongest hold. You might have even danced around a bit in your room to see if your hairstyle will survive the reception and maybe even the after-party. Packing an extra hair tie or two might not be a bad idea just in case.

You're so excited to start forever with your significant other, and have already toasted to spending your lives together. The universe brought you to your bae, so you sort of trust its instincts and fashion sense this time around, too. The wedding hairstyle for you is as simple as being with your soulmate, with just a little help from the stars.

Aries: Dramatic Curls With Florals
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You're the leading lady in your life, Aries. So, a hairstyle that's just as bold and beautiful will be best. These dramatic curls will show of your immense amount of passion towards life and love, with delicate florals to add in all the right feels.

Walking down the aisle will be such a breeze, and you're going into this new chapter with a lot of confidence. You tend to set the trends, and that won't stop with your wedding hairstyle.

Taurus: Pulled Back With A Braid
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You want a hairstyle that will be just as stable as you, Taurus. You'll be dancing until dawn — or at least listening to the live band. So, you need something that will make it past midnight and stick with you through every song. This pulled-back braid will be practical and passionate alike, adding just the right amount of romance to reality.

Wedding planning has been kind of your forte, because you love the finer things. You probably spent hours tasting cakes, looking up unique dessert bar ideas, and choosing just the right color scheme. Your guests will surely have a good time because of the endless effort you put into the evening.

Gemini: The Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle
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There are many sides to your passionate personality, Gemini. So, a hairstyle that's doing a little bit of everything is simply written in the stars. The half-up, half-down 'do is perfect if you're indecisive about what you want your look to be for your special day. If at the end of the night you're just not feeling it anymore, it'll be easy to throw up in a bun or let down into gentle curls.

You hate being alone, and you and your significant other might have found such a foundation in being spontaneous. Your wedding will be full with all of your friends and family standing close by. Truth is, you've made a lot of special connections and they're all sort of your soulmates, too.

Cancer: The Artistic Top Knot
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Like a painting or a photograph, your hairstyle is a piece of art, Cancer. Maybe you sketch a bit yourself, or just like wandering around a museum sometimes, but you tend to be so #artsy. This top knot will be the romantic alternative to the classic up-do that you've been looking for.

You're incredibly sentimental, so out of all your friends, you'll probably have the most thoughtful wedding. When you were writing your vows, you had to stop yourself a little short before you reached Leslie Knope levels of love. You just know that something this special can be rare, and your feelings are as strong as your loyalty.

Leo: Something With Sparkle
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Your wedding day is your time to shine, Leo. The only drama should be in your hairstyle and maybe your dress, too. According to the stars, you need something with a lot of sparkle, like an up-do with a bold headpiece or dazzling hair accessories. Settling for anything less just wouldn't make sense.

You're honestly so excited to walk down the aisle, because all eyes will be on you and your significant other. Finding that special someone wasn't too tricky for your social and outgoing soul — but you're feeling lucky, because you know your energy is hard to match.

Virgo: Something Short And Sweet
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You're a little shy, Virgo. You want a hairstyle that shows off your practical personality a bit and really doesn't make much of a fuss. So, the stars say to keep it short and sweet. Maybe you'll put it back to one side a bit, or let your veil do the heavy lifting. Something a little minimalistic is actually so on trend and entirely effortless.

You hate stealing the spotlight, so your wedding is probably a smaller and more intimate affair. You've been careful to plan everything perfectly, so that there are no surprises on the day of. Letting loose certainly isn't your style, and keeping it simple seems rather ideal.

Libra: Long And Loose Curls
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You love peace and partnerships, Libra. Your wedding day won't be much drama, so your hairstyle shouldn't speak too loudly, either. These long and loose curls will keep you grounded and show off your laid-back style. You love to get social, but nobody needs such a bold spotlight, except for maybe a Leo.

Your wedding day is sort of a dream to you, because nothing quite compares to the thought of uniting with another human being for forever. It speaks to your passions and purpose in life a little bit, and you're ready to welcome such harmony. Choose a hairstyle that's incredibly cooperative just the same.

Scorpio: A Fishtail Braid
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This is just the start of your love story, Scorpio. Dreaming about your wedding day isn't out of the norm for you — so when the stars said they had your hairstyle all picked out, you weren't so surprised. A fishtail braid speaks to your Water sign, and is loose and lovely. Maybe you'll add in some baby's breath, or a few pearls to show off your passion. You're resourceful and probably have so much inspo already.

Sometimes your emotions have led you into some sticky situations, but you've always come out the other side. This isn't the peak for you and your soulmate, because you still have so much love to give. Express yourself and your intense feelings with a hairstyle equally as intertwined.

Sagittarius: A Perfect Ponytail
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Put your hair up, Sagittarius. On your wedding day, you may want to be free to live life in your most romantic feels. A complicated hairstyle would just weigh you down and give you so many unnecessary things to worry about. So, the stars think you should stick to a ponytail. There are so many ways you could make this style work, and it'll totally show off your dress, too.

Your soulmate is your world, and no matter where you wander, you know that you can find home right in their heart. You probably planned an outdoor wedding, or asked your guests to pack their passports. Passion doesn't stop at the sea — and you're ready to jump into whatever adventure is next.

Capricorn: A Low 'Do With A Delicate Hairpiece
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You're so classy, Capricorn. You'll pick quality over quantity any day, which is why you don't need a hairstyle with a thousand curls to show your immense amount of compassion. This low 'do will be understated like yourself — but beautiful, nonetheless. With a delicate hairpiece, or even a few flowers, it's the classic style for any bride-to-be.

You and your significant other found each other at just the right time. When it comes to relationships, we put a lot of responsibility in the universe to put all the pieces together. They say that what's meant to be will be, and you two are a perfect pair. Sure, you've seen your struggles — but with each other by your sides, you're unstoppable.

Aquarius: A Flower Crown
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Cue up a track by The Lumineers, because Aquarius, you'll have flowers in your hair for your wedding. You don't have to be attending a Lana del Rey concert or be incredibly boho to rock a flower crown. This hairstyle is honestly perfect for your imaginative and eccentric soul — and the stars know you'll love being surrounded by such a unique energy.

Your soulmate loves you for all your quirks — and you appreciate that they let you be independent, too. Together you've created quite a world, and you're constantly wondering where the fairy tale will take you. Don't skip ahead, wild child — this hairstyle and your wedding day is just the start.

Pisces: Beach Waves With A Braid

You're so selfless, Pisces. The stars know that you love your alone time, but that you've fallen so hard for your soulmate as well. You're a Water sign, so something that has a good flow like these beach waves with a braid will be ideal. Like a low-key up 'do, this style is effortlessly chic and every bride's best friend.

Maybe you're spending your special day by the sea, or just keeping it more simple. You'll surely find yourself in good company per usual — and life will feel sort of like a movie.

Wedding bells can be a bit musical, and you've found your match. The stars really aligned for this one, and you have the universe to thank for such a perfect wedding hairstyle, too.