Tia Booth & Colton Underwood's Astrological Compatibility Shows They Could Be Fire

If you aren’t watching this season of Bachelor in Paradise, you are missing out on some seriously juicy drama. If you are watching, then you know exactly what I'm talking about: Tia and Colton. Yes, it's the spicy kind of drama that only a franchise as twisted as The Bachelor could possibly create. This is the mother of all love triangles (Rectangles? Rhombuses? Can't keep track!). While this might make for some stellar TV, the verdict is out on whether or not these two should even end up together. Tia Booth and Colton Underwood's astrological compatibility makes it appear that they could be amazing together. Their actions, however? Maybe not so much.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. First, let me put you up to speed on what's gone down between these two. Both Booth and Underwood previously appeared on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, respectively. After Booth's season of The Bachelor wrapped, she met Underwood, they went on a date, and Booth caught the feels for the former pro-footballer. As it turns out, this all went down in the lead-up to the most recent season of the The Bachelorette. Booth was reportedly in the running to be The Bachelorette, so Underwood (who had already been on a date with Booth) applied and got cast, but — plot twist! — Becca Kufrin (who Booth knew from their shared season of The Bachelor) ended up being cast as the Bachelorette. So, not only did Booth not end up the Bachelorette, but Underwood ended up really connecting with Kufrin.

When Booth showed up and confessed to Kufrin that she really does still have feelings for Underwood, Kufrin gave him the boot. Because, hello! Girl code! (But to be fair, Kufrin had much stronger connections with her remaining three suitors.)

Which brings us to the present, where Booth and Underwood are reunited on Bachelor in Paradise. If you think, "Wow, here comes a smooth sailing love!" think again. Underwood, who still has feelings for Kufrin but claims he wants to "keep his options open" to finding love on Paradise, isn’t ready to get serious with Booth. All this, and we're only three episodes in! I told you this was juicy.

So, while Booth and Underwood's relationship is far from certain at the moment, what we do know is how astrologically compatible they would be if they could ever get on the same page. Booth’s birthday is Aug. 11, which makes her a Leo, and Underwood was born Jan. 26, so he was born under Aquarius. Here’s what we know about a Leo/Aquarius connection.

Where Leo And Aquarius Are Compatible

Leo and Aquarius are polar opposite signs, which can mean either a total disconnect or, in the case of these two, powerful magnetic chemistry. This likely explains why they were drawn to each other, and why they connected so quickly when they first met.

They also have powerful sexual chemistry, which mean sparks fly early and easily, but do have the potential to burn out quickly if not stoked. Where they are probably the best match is in their energy level, and their desire to live an exciting, active life full of new experiences. Aquarius is drawn to Leo’s unbridled charisma, and Leo is intrigued by Aquarius’ intellect and curiosity. And, like all Cats, Leo is drawn to mystery, which Aquarius has in spades.

They can also balance each other well emotionally. The overwhelming warmth and generosity of spirit Leo has is exactly what Aquarius needs to bring out their softer side. Meanwhile, Aquarius helps Leo see the bigger picture, and not get so caught up in the emotions of the moment.

Where Leo And Aquarius Struggle
"Bachelor in Paradise" (ABC/Paul Hebert)

While there are many areas where these two signs appear perfectly matched, there are some ways that they fundamentally disconnect. It's nothing that they can’t overcome, but they are points of friction that, when not addressed, eventually grow and get nasty.

For one thing, Leo needs a lot of attention and affirmation. And while Aquarius is capable of being very loving and warm, they can also turn cold or emotionally detached when pushed. Makes sense, when you think about how, on this week's episode of Paradise, Underwood did not want to commit to Booth when she put the pressure on him to decide whether or not she was what he wanted.

The Aquarius independent nature, means they can disconnect at unpredictable times. If Leo hasn’t banked enough of the affirmation they need, they can start to act out in an effort to make Aquarius jealous, and attempt gain back their full attention. Typically, this doesn’t go well, and Aquarius withdraws further. Aquarius has no patience for these games.

But their biggest challenge? Fidelity. Honestly, if you are watching the show, this is hardly a shocker. Aquarius craves freedom and is used to having a few romantic irons in the fire. Leo, on the other hand, can’t bear to share the spotlight with anyone else. This can can lead to jealous suspicion, and, eventually, the end of the relationship. Add to this that both signs have notoriously huge egos, and you can see how this can spiral quickly.

Their Overall Compatibility
"Bachelor in Paradise" (ABC/Paul Hebert)

So, what does all this mean for Booth and Underwood? Well, for the most part, they are extremely compatible. If they could ever get it together, they have real potential for a loving and lasting relationship. The question is, have they already done too much damage? Have the games and the poor timing, paired with their egos, made it impossible for them to recover? Ultimately, time will tell. But, if they end up together, it will require them to sacrifice some of their pride, which is never easy. The good news is, if they can get on the same page, they will find a greater love than they thought possible.

But for what it's worth (Tia, I'm talking directly to you), they're probably better off going their separate ways. Tia, don’t cave! Colton is clearly not ready to settle down the way you want and you deserve to be first choice, always! There are plenty more Aquarians in the sea who will see you for the queen of the jungle that you really are.

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