BTS' V & J-Hope Had The Most Endearing Reaction To TXT's "Cat & Dog" Performance

Earlier this year, both BTS and TXT were busy promoting their separate albums and singles around the world. BTS had their album Map of The Soul: Persona and single "Boy With Luv," while TXT had their EP The Dream Chapter: STAR and singles "CROWN" and "Cat & Dog." Since both groups were constantly traveling for performances, fans have cherished any BTS and TXT interaction they could get. In case you aren't too familiar with either group, BTS and TXT are both repped by Big Hit Entertainment, which makes them brother groups. TXT seem to really admire their big bros and the same goes for BTS, who always seem so taken aback by how dang talented TXT is. (Who wouldn't? They're all teens and are currently slaying right now.) This video of BTS' V and J-Hope watching TXT perform "Cat & Dog" is the latest BTS and TXT interaction fans of both groups are talking about and let me tell you, it's so sweet.

Judging from the TXT clip V and J-Hope were watching, the video looks like it was filmed back on April 25 when both TXT and BTS appeared on the Korean music show M Countdown. TXT was making their comeback with "Cat & Dog," while BTS was making their comeback with "Boy With Luv." Since Big Hit always shares clips of BTS months after they were filmed (or even a year after they were taken like BTS' America's Got Talent behind-the-scenes video), fans are just being treated to this cute video now. Classic Big Hit!

The video started with J-Hope looking so focused on TXT's performance before he began bopping his head to the beat. He eventually broke out in dance to "Cat & Dog," and V, who was sitting right by J-Hope, couldn't help but dance along, too. (V and J-Hope are like TXT's ultimate hype men and I love it.)

According to a fan translation by @doyou_bangtan, V told J-Hope, "I like this song best [from TXT's album]!"

Me too, V. Me too.

J-Hope then asked V if Supreme Boi helped write "Cat & Dog." FYI, Supreme Boi is the genius who helped write and produce some of BTS' biggest songs like "IDOL," "Anpanman," and "Not Today." Fans can also hear Supreme Boi's vocals in BTS' "Cypher Pt.3: Killer," as well as J-Hope's solo song "HANGSANG." Like I said, this guy is a genius. That's why when V told J-Hope that Supreme Boi did, in fact, play a part in TXT's "Cat & Dog," J-Hope replied, "No wonder." You got that right!

With all this talk of TXT' "Cat & Dog" performance, you're probably curious and want to see the video J-Hope and V were reacting to. Well, here it is, so enjoy!

"Cat & Dog" is a BOP, so no wonder why J-Hope and V couldn't help but dance to the song.

I can't wait until TXT makes their next comeback! Big Hit said it will be sometime in late October, which fans think could be around the same time BTS makes their comeback. Ah! This is all so exciting. October can't come soon enough!