This Guy Proposed To His GF Using The Game "Heads Up!" & The Video Is So Adorable

by Candice Jalili

Ever played the game "Heads Up!"? Here's how it works: You hold your phone up against your head. The phone will show a word, and everybody on your team will have to give you clues as to what that word is... without saying the word. Once you guess it correctly, you can move on to the next round. Trust me, it's a VERY fun game, and not only that, but it's also apparently a great way to propose to your partner, as shown in this video of one guy's "Heads Up" proposal, which is 100 percent guaranteed to make your heart melt.

The video starts off with the couple just lounging at home in pajamas, playing a round of Heads Up! The theme the two picked for this particular game was "movies," so they played several rounds together, with the woman, named Sierra, describing certain films to her boyfriend, from Into the Woods to La La Land. All of a sudden, Sierra's own name pops up on the screen, and she looks a bit confused. Next, the screen reads, "Will you marry me?" Aaaand that's when she said no and totally crushed her boyfriend's heart... just kidding! Of course, she said yes!

As you can see by Sierra's adorable response, she loved the proposal idea. It immediately made her smile from ear to ear, and she even managed to say yes before time ran out!

Also, can we talk about what an adorable couple these two are? She says "my favorite movie," and he immediately knows the movie she's talking about. HE GETS HER, or at least, he listens to her when she tells him her favorite things. Considering I almost teared up last night when my boyfriend remembered my favorite color is tan, but my favorite color when it comes to clothing is black, I might be a little too easy to impress, but I really do think having a partner who knows your likes and dislikes inside and out is a beautiful thing.

One of Sierra's new fiancé's friends has already taken to Twitter to share the joyous news:

The Heads Up! proposal is a great and original idea, but believe it or not, this isn't even the first time it's been done. A couple of years ago, on The Ellen Show, another couple got engaged via Heads Up!

Jesse Tyler and Johnny King are also huge Heads Up! enthusiasts. They're also huge fans of The Ellen Show. After Jesse emailed the show as herself, as her grandma, and, at one point, even as Johnny, Ellen finally decided to get them tickets to her show.

Not only did they get to watch her show as a member of the live audience, but they also were invited to join Ellen on stage. Eventually, Ellen even whipped out their go-to game: Heads Up! The couple started playing the game, and Jesse guessed all sorts of soft-ball phrases, like "drinking," "eating," and "dancing." Then, the word "propose" popped up on the screen, and you can only guess what happened next: Johnny reached down into his pocket to grab the ring (meanwhile, Jesse guessed "money," LOL), but as he made his way down to one knee, she realized what he was about to do.

She didn't quite say yes right away because she was too busy crying and kissing him, but later on, Ellen confirmed that she was, in fact, down to marry Johnny. To top everything off, Ellen also gifted the newlyweds-to-be $10,000!

While being proposed to while playing your favorite game on your all-time favorite show and being gifted $10,000 on top of that is pretty incredible, I personally think a cozy Heads Up! proposal is what I'd prefer. Well, actually, is there a way to get a cozy proposal at home while still getting the $10K? Someone LMK.

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