This Is Your Ideal Relationship, Based On Your Favorite Movie

You can tell a lot about a person based on what they’re into, because how they choose to spend their time is a great window into what drives them, inspires them, and what they’re passionate about. The movies we love are especially telling, because the ones we seek out and watch again and again not only offer insight into what drives us, but also informs how we see the world. Particularly in how we define what is an ideal relationship.

For instance, are you drawn to love stories that end tragically, or where they end up married and settled down in a traditional way? Maybe you like love stories that are messy and end up with romantic leads in an undefined union. That’s what’s so great about movies: Unlike real life, there’s just about every kind of romance dynamic you can imagine — and plenty you couldn't before — to help you explore what you want in a partnership, or triad, or, well, whatever you prefer.

So that being said, what do you say we have some have some fun with it? Pick your favorite movie from the list below to reveal a little something about what your ideal relationship type is.

1. Beauty and the Beast: The ‘It’s Complicated’ Relationship

They say opposites attract, and that may be true, but sometimes it can make things really, really complicated. Like, take, for instance, you’re just a sweet, clever girl hoping for a less provincial life and he’s a cursed beast. Sure, the heart wants what it wants, but y’all are coming from two very different life perspectives. There may also be a power dynamic there that makes things spicy for you. It could be an age or financial gap, but on some level it's that complication that keeps things spicy.

2. Clueless: The Totally Compatible Relationship

In life, we are all ultimately looking for our tribe — the people who truly get us and love us for it. That can be in our friend squad, our family, or our relationships. The key here is that you know each other for all your strengths and weaknesses, and somehow you just mesh. You mesh so well that maybe it’s not totally creepy that he used to be your stepbrother. Maybe?

3. The Notebook: The Epic Romance

First, I have to get off my chest that The Notebook is super problematic and not a great relationship model. OK, I feel better now. If you love this movie above all others, it’s because you’re a true romantic at heart and are looking for that special person to sweep you off your feet. Yes, there are a lots of ups and downs in a relationship this passionate, but the suffering in the downs only heighten the sweetness of the highs. Right? Your ideal romance is one for the ages.

4. Cruel Intentions: The Power Play Relationship

What is it that they say about the thin line between love and hate? That it’s a terrible model for a relationship? No, hmm, that’s not it. Anyway, if you can’t get enough of the hot step-sibling sexual tension and weaponized sexuality in Cruel Intentions, then your ideal relationship is all about power dynamics. I sense some kink in your future — that is, if you aren’t already reading this on a laptop perched atop your kneeling lover’s back.

5. The Lord of The Rings: The Codependent Relationship

Has there ever been a more powerful love story than that between Frodo and Samwise? They can’t bear to be apart, and they will go to hell and back for each other. If this movie pulls your heart strings, it means your ideal relationship leans toward the codependent. You will walk through fire so long as the two of you are together… always.

6. Twilight: The Obsessive Relationship

If that moment where Bella finds out Edward sneaks her room at night to watch her sleep made you swoon, then your ideal relationship may come with a bonus restraining order. Fans of this romance like the line between love and possession to be a bit, well, blurry. Similar to the Cruel Intentions lovers, power plays a big role in this relationship dynamic, but in this case you prefer to be the one who is dominated. That’s lightweight kinky, my friend. Just be careful; these relationships can be dangerous IRL.

7. Blue Is The Warmest Color: The Passionate Relationship

Thinking of this movie still hurts my heart. So good, so sad, so hot! If this movie tops your list, it means you appreciate passion above all else. Even if it means sacrificing compatibility or longevity, your ideal relationship burns fiery hot while it lasts. And that's enough.

8. The Hunger Games: The Self-Sacrificing Relationship

We all know Katniss is a BAMF in the arena, but we realized exactly how much of a hero she was the moment she volunteered as a tribute. I don’t know about you, but that moment made me burst many a tear. Yes, Katniss could kill her way through a crowd, but her real power was in her sacrifice, both for her sister but then at the end spoiler, she eats the poison berries to save Peta. So many feels. If this movie tugs at your heart strings, then spoiler number two, your ideal relationship is one where you will literally do anything for the ones you love. Whoever you pick is super lucky. Just sayin’.

9. Fight Club: The Open Relationship

I know what you’re thinking, Fight Club is not what anyone would call a "romantic" movie. Yeah, no kidding, but that’s exactly the point. This movie is all about breaking from the convention that traps us in a traditional life. The freedom of embracing our id and natural desires. What’s more traditional and confining that mandatory monogamy, right? Is there a part of you that wants to throw off the shackles of that societal expectation and perhaps have a relationship that accepts more partners, each of whom fulfill you in different ways? Yep, that’s why this movie made the list.

10. Get Out: The Toxic Relationship

Um. This should never be anyone’s ideal relationship. Run, you are in danger. But also, this movie is great and if you missed it, correct that immediately.

Well there you have it — I bet you’ll never look at your favorite movie the same. FWIW, my favorite flick is Aliens. Not exactly sure what that says about my romantic ideals, except for maybe just no one date me, like, ever.

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