John Krasinski Playing Emily Blunt's 'Into The Woods' Character Is Hilarious

by Taylor Ortega

Try to imagine “A Few Good Men” without Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise. Are you imagining John Krasinski and James Corden? Weird. Me too.

Now, try to imagine “Gone with the Wind” without Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh. Are you imagining John Krasinski and James Corden? SO weird. Me too, again.

OK, OK, try to imagine “Pulp Fiction” without John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson. Are you mother freaking imagining John Krasinski and James Corden? NUTS. NUTS. NUTS. ME TOO.

Jeez, did we all see the same outtakes from these movies? You know, the ones where John Krasinski and James Corden eventually lost their roles on each of these sets to better suited actors?

If you haven't checked them out yet, and you're just some sort of cinema psychic, James and John shared some of the clips on Wednesday's episode of “The Late Late Show.”

It's difficult to see where this duo went wrong on so many sets, frankly. They have obvious chemistry, and to say their performances wouldn't have been just as legendary as the ones delivered by the men and women who replaced them is misguided at best.

Be warned: John losing the role of The Baker's Wife in "Into the Woods" to his wife Emily Blunt is especially harrowing to watch.

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