Netflix Helped This Guy Propose To His GF By Literally Making A Whole New "Show"

by Candice Jalili

I'm getting to that age where it's no longer totally weird for people I know to be engaged, so recently I've been coming across lots of marriage proposal posts on social media. For the most part, they tend to follow the same two formats. The first one involves the couple getting dinner somewhere special, and then, the dude proposes. The second one involves the couple doing something special in nature (i.e. hanging in a field, watching the eclipse, etc.), and the dude seizes the already beautiful moment by proposing. But I have a new favorite kind: the Netflix marriage proposal.

If you haven't heard of "the Netflix marriage proposal" yet, that's because it's only been done once by a guy named Conor, who decided to propose to his girlfriend, Kamela. The couple, who have been together "just under six years" according to Conor, watched Netflix on their first date, so it was only natural that he would incorporate Netflix into his proposal. Now, the obvious and painstakingly boring route with a Netflix proposal would be to propose while they were cuddled up on the couch watching Netflix, just like they were on their first date. But Conor decided to step his game up a bit, and he teamed up with Netflix to give Kamela the dream proposal she deserved.


A little background info here: Kamela's all-time favorite TV show on Netflix is Santa Clarita Diet. In her own words, while she used to believe that she and Conor were the "ultimate ride or die couple," the main characters, Sheila and Joel (played by Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant), on the show are actually the "ultimate ride or die couple." So naturally, not only did Conor get Netflix in on the secret proposal, but he had to incorporate Kamela's favorite TV couple into it as well.

I know, I know... we're all dying to see how this all comes together. Basically, Conor tricked his girlfriend into thinking they made it onto a new reality TV show. As part of the "show," while getting her hair and makeup done, Kamela shared that Santa Clarita Diet is her go-to show at the moment. Then, she and Conor get cozy on the couch to watch a new "Netflix Original" — one that's a little different than most of the shows on Netflix. Little does Kamela know, her engagement ring is hiding on the book shelf in a little red box right behind the two of them.


Conor flips on the show, and we see Kamela's favorite on-screen couple is sitting together on a couch, discussing their best marriage tips, when suddenly, out of nowhere, CONOR APPEARS ON THE SCREEN AND SQUEEZES HIS WAY BETWEEN THE TWO. He tells the couple he has a question for his girlfriend Kamela. You know, totally casual. At this point, Kamela is shocked (as is literally everyone else watching), because REAL-LIFE CONOR, SITTING ON THE COUCH NEXT TO HER, PULLS OUT THE RED RING BOX BEHIND THEM AND PROPOSES. Cue: the waterworks.


Please tell me you're crying, because I'm crying like a baby over here and would love to feel less alone in the intense emotions I'm feeling right now. Like, I know I don't know Conor and Kamela personally, but my heart is SO HAPPY FOR THEM.


I didn't want to spoil it any more than I already did above, but in case you missed it, KAMELA SAID YES. And Drew Barrymore congratulated her and said her name, so there's that. What's even crazier? The "show" Conor and Netflix teamed up to create is actually available to watch on Netflix. Because obviously.


OK, from now on, ladies, for our own proposals, we accept NOTHING less than a new Netflix Original show, featuring our significant other proposing to us, alongside our favorite celebrities. Got it? Good.

Watch Conor and Kamela's full proposal magic unfold below:

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