Spring Break Is Coming & This Road Trip Playlist Of Your Fave Movie Songs Is Lit

Danil Nevsky/Stocksy

Did somebody say spring break? Break out your bathing suits and beach towels, because you finally have a week during the semester dedicated to soaking up the sun. You've been working hard, and spending way too many hours at the library. The road trip and tropical vacations have been booked for months now, and you even picked out a new pair of sunglasses that will look so cute in your selfies. You might have even started to get your suitcase together, and I hope you don't forget to pack a playlist of movie songs for spring break along with those sandals.

No matter where your wanderlust is taking you this week, you'll want to stream a lot of good vibes during your much-needed vacation. Our favorite soundtracks come with some of the sweetest songs for spring break, and let's be honest, no road trip is complete without some tunes.

Truth is, life is most amazing when it feels like we're living in a movie. The days when we have the windows rolled down and are playing summer hits from the '90s truly make us feel like there could be cameras just on the other side of the sun. We cue up "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5, and sing like we're in Will's truck from The Last Song, or jam out to "Life Is A Highway" by Rascal Flatts, because hitting the road requires a classic from Cars.

If you're in serious need of not just the sun, but also some beats for your spring break, here's a playlist of movie songs that'll be perfect for you and your pals.

"Another Day Of Sun" By La La Land Cast
poom5551 on YouTube

Spring break is all about the sun, sand, and surf. So, it would only be right to start off your playlist with a song that celebrates just that. The La La Land soundtrack has been one of the best in the past few years, and picked up so many awards for its jazz-inspired tunes.

Maybe you're taking a road trip with your besties on the Pacific Coast Highway, and will actually spend some time in the City of Stars. Or maybe you're headed somewhere else with a whole of lot of light, like an island in the Caribbean. No matter where you're going, I hope you get amazing weather, and always wake up to another day of sun.

"Don't You (Forget About Me)" By Simple Minds
PictureBox on YouTube

We'll always have a soft spot in our hearts for The Breakfast Club. Who knew a day in detention could end in such life lessons and legendary jams?

When you're listening to this song by the Simple Minds, it's only right to raise your fist in the air. You're on spring break, and if we really learned anything from this film, it's to not let bureaucracy and school bog you down from being somebody.

"Twist & Shout" By The Beatles
GermanSensation08 on YouTube

Shake it up on spring break with this classic from the Beatles. Unlike our buddy Ferris Bueller, you have a whole week off of school, and you best believe it'll be well spent.

You might need to make a pit stop when this one comes up on the cue. Sure, you could shout out the windows, but twisting might take a little more effort — and you need to stretch your legs a bit, anyway.

"You're The One That I Want" By John Travolta And Olivia Newton-John
CaLLxm3xG0d on YouTube

More classic tunes for your perfect road trip playlist? Tell me more. The Grease soundtrack is full of songs to jam out to with your gal pals. You'll instantly feel the good vibes when you all start taking on the roles of Sandy and Danny (And much to your surprise, you already know all the lyrics.). You might not be a beauty school dropout, but boy are you enjoying this break.

"(I've Had) The Time Of My Life" By Bill Medley And Jennifer Warnes
Sabi Eva on YouTube

You'll be making a lot of memories this break, so it's only right to put a song on the road trip playlist that's all about having the time of your life. Dirty Dancing is one of our favorite romantic comedies. It just never seems to get old.

You've spent your semester sitting in the corner of class, and Baby knows enough is enough. It's time to take in the sunshine and scream-sing this song with your sister-friends.

"Can't Stop The Feeling" By Justin Timberlake
DreamWorksTV on YouTube

You got that sunshine in your pocket, and that good soul in your feet. You're on spring break, after all!

We have Justin Timberlake to thank for one of the catchiest tunes to come out of an animated movie. Sure, you might be a little sick of hearing this song. In the past couple years, it has totally dominated radio play. But, nothing will truly pump up your posse during a love drive like this number, and you won't be able to stop singing along.

"How Far I'll Go" By Auli'i Cravalho
DisneyMusicVEVO on YouTube

If you're beach bound, your playlist is in serious need of some tropical songs. You hit the highway a few hours ago, and there's really no saying how far you'll go. Sometimes being spontaneous leads to best memories, and with your car and your crew, anything could happen.

We fell in love with Moana from the moment she gave us the girl power we so needed. This soundtrack is full of catchy songs, like Maui's "You're Welcome," but if you have to pick just one for you playlist it should definitely be this daring track.

"Under The Sea" By Samuel E. Wright
DisneyMusicVEVO on YouTube

Keeping with the songs inspired by the sea, is this Disney movie classic. We all sort of wish we had a pal like Sebastian coming with us on spring break. Sure, he can be a bit realistic and moody, but he comes with a full band and lots of jams.

If you're heading somewhere warm to soak up the sun, you'll want to start getting your tan on to this tune. Watch your friends pretend to play the flute, and fall back into the best nostalgia. You're so stoked for spring break, and songs like this from The Little Mermaid will have you singing for shore.

"Strangers Like Me" By Phil Collins
whositmatter on YouTube

Phil Collins really knows how to create some catchy tunes. Tarzan is probably one of the most underrated classic Disney movies, with a lot of tracks that are worth a listen. Although your spring break might be spent catching up on some Z's, you won't want to sleep through this song.

You might make some new friends on spring break, or just be surrounding yourself with the usual squad. This song will speak to you all, and make you appreciate the weirdos that you'll be making memories memories with this week.

"Us" By Regina Spektor
Marion German on YouTube

If I had to make soundtrack for my life, I would absolutely include this song by Regina Spektor. From the indie film 500 Days of Summer, starring Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this track plays during the opening title scene and could easily put you right into some amazing feels.

You and your besties are sort of soulmates, so throwing a love song or two on your road trip playlist isn't totally out there. This week will be all about following your wanderlust and wildest spring break dreams. Cue up something a little cheesy in the spirit of it all.

"Pony" By Ginuwine
MarySmile18 on YouTube

You're about to make some magic and some memories. Chasing the sun and living by the moon is what spring break is all about. You have to totally seas the day, even if you're just spending it in the car with your crew or significant other.

Right next to "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy and "Ignition" by R. Kelly, this song from Magic Mike XXL will send your squad straight into their best bar dance moves. Your playlist absolutely needs to include "Pony," and if you're feeling extra frisky, maybe you can reenact that gas station scene, too.

"Dancing Queen" By ABBA
stambeccuccio on YouTube

Donna will always be our favorite dancing queen. This spring break, you hope to find yourself skipping along the shore with your squad like she does during this scene in Mamma Mia. The beautiful beaches have been calling your name since you booked this trip, and you're so excited to live a life so salty and sweet.

Every playlist needs a solid finish, and you'll want to cue up this song to put you in the mood to soak up all of the sun. Leave your to-do lists and life problems behind, and kick up your feet with your friends. You're on vacation, and thanks to this playlists there's so many good vibes.