7 Best Islands To Hop To If Your Instagram Needs Some Sunshine Instead Of Snow

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We're all in some serious need of summer. Sure, snow days and snuggling up with hot cocoa can have some cozy perks, but where's the sunshine at?! It's like winter doesn't have our best interests in mind, and we're just craving a whole lot of vitamin D and vitamin sea. Our wanderlust is worst in the winter because we tend to feel so stuck. Between school or work, our schedules, and the looming task of shoveling snow, we really just can't seem to get away. So, if you're looking for a tropical escape from the eskimo weather, these are the best islands to visit in winter that will make both your Instagram and smile a little bit brighter.

You're so tired of the mug shots. No, you haven't done any jail time. We're talking the cliché pic of your cup of coffee between your hands that are inevitably in a pair of the fuzziest mittens you could find. It seems that every one of your followers has done something similar — blowing snow like it's confetti or bundling up in blanket scarves and boots for the 'Gram (so fashion blogger-esque of them). You've already posted a summer throwback pic from that day at the beach in your favorite swimsuit... what you would give to be that wild and free again.

Don't let yourself sit around and sulk over the snow. Seas the day! Winter and your Instagram feed don't have to be so dull, if only you take a few days and dare to do something different. The world is your oyster, even in the most sluggish times of the year. The sunshine and social media possibilities of these islands will give your life a little lift.

Kauai, Hawaii
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Channel your inner Moana in a place like Kauai, Hawaii. An island full of mountains, insane greenery, and bright blue beaches will be the ideal destination for those with a drone or just the absolute need for adventure.

Often called The Garden Island, Kauai will have you feeling like you're living on Te Fiti (after she gets her heart back, of course). You can hike through the mountains, discover the island's most wonderful waterfalls, and see unreal views along the way.

Unlike the other Hawaiian islands, this spot is much less commercial, but tropical and culture-filled nonetheless. Life will be a whole lot sweeter when you're eating pineapple and taking pics in a place like this.

Mykonos, Greece
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A little party never killed nobody. Most known for its nightlife scene, Mykonos is one of many Greek islands worth seeing if you're in serious need of summer. Relax in the European sun during the day, and hit the high-end shops and constant summer vibes at night. The clubs are home to the world's best DJs, so be sure to get some sleep on the plane, because you'll be dancing until dawn.

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Sitting in the most southern part of the Caribbean, only a handful of miles from the coast of Venezuela, is a small, yet scenic little spot for your winter getaway.

Aruba's motto is "One Happy Island," and there's not a day that goes by that you won't feel that through and through. Although you won't venture out much past the resort strip, take some time to enjoy all the beaches have to offer. Take a catamaran tour of the island, go snorkeling over a shipwreck (yup, you can do that), and maybe even parasail in the clear blue sea.

At night, capture the sunset with a perfectly pink and purple panoramic shot. It'll all be so #instaworthy.

Capri, Italy
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Oh-so bella. The Amalfi Coast may already be on your bucket list, but if you're looking to switch up your Italian experience, then take a boat out to this beauty. Capri is home to a whole lot of Mediterranean memories, unreal rock formations, and the world famous Blue Grotto.

When I studied abroad in Florence, we took a weekend trip down to Sorrento and spent an entire day exploring this spot. We walked along the white houses that were built into the mountains, and took some champagne out onto the sea. It's easy to see why the Blue Grotto is such a wonder of the world — I mean, the way the sunshine hits the water really does make it so blue. Just watch your head on the way in. Ciao!

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If you're really looking for an escape, then maybe a trip to the other side of the world is the way to go. Fiji is often a popular spot for study abroad students who are spending the semester in Australia and a lot of seasons of Survivor. Granted you won't be sleeping in a DIY shelter, building fires, or battling it out for rations of rice, but this destination will definitely be a change-up from your culture at home.

The coral reefs and lovely landscape will bring your wanderlust and Instagram to the next level. Just pack some water and a comfy pillow, and plan for a day spent in the sky. The flight will be a little long, but so worth it.

Mallorca (Majorca), Spain
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A week in Spain is always worth spending a little bit of your savings. White-sand beaches and saturated skies will be the perfect backdrop for your much-needed break and social media visions.

Mallorca is often a place we only hear about in books and movies. It's the setting for family problems and solutions in The Vacationers by Emma Straub. But, the beauty can go beyond the page and become your life this winter. It'll only take one long walk on the beach for you to be totally head over heels in love with this perfect paradise.

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We work, work, work, work, work. So now it's time to play.

Leave winter behind and book a trip down to Barbados. Explore not just the beautiful Caribbean island, but the rich culture behind Rihanna's home (I hear she's absolutely legendary there, too.) The country is often a spot for cruises, but the teal ocean and tropical vibes will make a week-long stay worth it as well.

Who knew wanderlust and winter would be such the perfect pair?