Jungkook's Apple Music Page Was Mysteriously Updated AGAIN, But Why?!

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It's happening again: ARMYs have found a clue that another BTS mixtape may be coming. On Monday, Jan. 11, fans noticed Jungkook's Apple Music profile had apparently been updated, sending everyone into a frenzy. The last time this happened was when Suga made his comeback as Agust D in May 2020, which is why fans believe Jungkook could come out with solo music soon. This fan theory Jungkook will drop his mixtape in January 2021 is all over Twitter, and you need to see it because it's huge.

Every time Jungkook gives the smallest update about his mixtape, fans can't help but celebrate because it means they're one step closer to hearing the final product. In November 2020, Jungkook gave fans a teaser of what to expect when he revealed "Stay" from BTS' BE album was originally going to be on his mixtape. Around the same time, ARMYs found one of BTS' Christmas performances very suspicious because it featured Jungkook having a little solo moment at the end. Of course, fans took it as a hint the singer was dropping his solo project. They wrote things like "JUNGKOOK ALONE....THE MIXTAPE COMING."

Some fans predicted his mixtape was going to arrive by Christmas. Sadly, that didn't happen, but ARMYs have a new theory: It'll be here some time this January. It all started when Jungkook showed up to the 2021 Golden Disk Awards rocking long blonde hair. Since he's had dark hair for years, fans were convinced the change means he's preparing for his long-awaited solo debut. They also predicted his album would be called Golden.

Now, ARMYs have discovered more "evidence" his mixtape is coming: First, Jungkook's Apple Music profile picture appears to have been updated on Jan. 11. It's unclear if it's his official page, but fans are hoping for the best.

On Jan. 14, his profile apparently got another update. Fans noticed it featured a brand-new bio highlighting his biggest achievements and solo projects. It looked pretty official to fans (although, it isn;t confirmed), sending them into a frenzy over what it could mean.

ARMYs are finding this situation oddly familiar. Days before Suga dropped his second Agust D mixtape in May 2020, Apple Music updated his profile picture as well.

If history repeats itself, fans could hear Jungkook's mixtape any day now (maybe even as soon as Friday, Jan. 15). He did say in a previous livestream he could drop it without warning.

ARMYs, prepare yourselves because the day you've been waiting for could finally be here soon!

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