ARMYs Think Jungkook May Drop His Mixtape For Christmas Because Of This Clue


BTS' "Life Goes On" is the song fans needed to hear in 2020. Since the year didn't go as planned due to the coronavirus pandemic, the track serves as a reminder to everyone that things will get better. Days after dropping the single on Friday, Nov. 20, BTS surprised fans by performing it on the Late Late Show with James Corden. At one point during their performance, Jungkook had a solo moment that had fans wondering what it all meant. A popular theory is Jungkook will drop his mixtape for Christmas. ARMYs are hoping they're right because that means his long-awaited solo project could be right around the corner.

Fans have been waiting for it since May 2018, so you could imagine how excited ARMYs are to finally hear it. Fans got their first sneak peek of his debut LP in August 2019 when Jungkook shared a snippet of an original song called "Decalcomania." The singer gave fans another taste of what they can expect from his project with BTS' release of BE. The album includes a song called "Stay" that was supposed to be the last track on Jungkook's mixtape. After giving it some thought, BTS agreed to put it on their record instead.

Although Jungkook has delayed his mixtape a few times, ARMYs are crossing their fingers they'll get it by the end of this year. On Tuesday, Nov. 23, BTS gave a festive performance of "Life Goes On" that had fans convinced the group was teasing something was coming. When BTS was done performing, Jungkook appeared at the end alone wearing a white suit. He was the only one dressed like that, so fans were suspicious it meant something.

After taking a glance at his members surrounded near the Christmas tree, Jungkook took a sip of coffee and then looked straight at the camera. Some fans took it as a sign Jungkook's solo work was arriving soon. The moment happens at the 3:29-mark in the video below.

Here's how ARMYs reacted to Jungkook at the end of the performance:

Other fans thought it was meant to tease BTS would be returning to the Late Late Show soon, since the presents the group opened were their performance clothes. The number two behind Jungkook also seemed to tease a second performance.

BTS wore white suits at the end of their "Life Goes On" video, so there's also the possibility they're just thinking about the day they'll return to performing. Either way, ARMYs will be on high alert in case BTS teases anything else.