These Videos Of BTS Performing “Lights” Live For The First Time just might make you tear up.

BTS Performed “Lights” Live For The First Time & The Video Is A Must-Watch

JTBC PLUS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

It feels like ARMYs have been waiting forever to see BTS perform their single "Lights" live. The song dropped in July 2019 and now that it has been months since the release, fans have been eagerly awaiting it's live debut. Due to the band's brief hiatus announced back in August, the torture has seemed ~prolonged~ but now fans can finally rejoice, because these videos of BTS performing "Lights" live for the first time are going to make you so emotional.

RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook released "Lights" in July, and right away, fans got busy hashing out the meaning of the song. Like many songs, it's about love, but the song is special for more than one reason. Off of BTS' Japanese Lights/Boy With Luv, "Lights" was released as the lead single. One fan translation claimed this song is a sort of love letter to the BTS fans.

On Nov. 21, BTS was en route to their 5th Muster held in Chiba, Japan, where they were set to perform a setlist and make any ARMY who was able to attend the fan meeting feel like the luckiest person ever. After holding previous Musters in the summer of 2019, this fall Muster is clearly stealing the show, simply given the fact that BTS finally played "Lights" live.

Per an article from Showbiz CheatSheet, this 5th Muster will be followed by two more of their special fan meetings in Osaka, Japan in the month of December. Previous Musters in 2019 occurred during the summer months.

Even if you're super sad you weren't there in person to see BTS sing, the videos of the live performance are so perfect, you'll be watching them on repeat.

Some ARMYs may never recover:

One fan is clearly losing it over J-Hope's verse:

And TBH, many of the ARMYs ending up crying at the long-awaited performance:

Fans were already wild about the idea of BTS making some more music and speculating about the band members' ever-changing hair colors. For instance, Jungkook's appearance at the Incheon International Airport in South Korea on Tuesday, Nov. 12 stirred up some major feelings, as he was caught with new half-blonde hair. And then, Nov. 20, Jimin debuted a new hair color: blue-grey. TBH, some of this could've been prep for the group's Japan Muster. Either way, fans are totally losing it over the videos on Twitter.

It's clear, absolutely nothing could've prepared BTS fans for their first live performance of "Lights." And now that the boy band has finally performed the song live, ARMYs can expect to see "Lights" performed at future concerts.