BTS' Jungkook Dyed His Hair Half Blonde & ARMYs Are Beyond Shook

Han Myung-Gu/WireImage/Getty Images

There are few things more exciting to BTS fans than when all the boys change up their appearances at once. Historically, that hints a comeback is on the way, and BTS' appearances definitely seem to be in flux these days. Eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed Jungkook was hiding a new hair color in the latest video of the group, and ARMYs went wild over the possibility a comeback could be closer than ever. BTS' Jungkook's new half-blonde hair basically broke Twitter, y'all.

A clip of Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga, Jin, RM, and J-Hope making their way through Incheon International Airport in South Korea on Tuesday, Nov. 12, caught ARMYs' attention, and for good reason. Though Jungkook was wearing a hat, blonde hair could be seen peeking out from under it.

Meanwhile, in the same video, J-Hope was covered from head to toe. RM also posted photos rocking new bleach blonde hair on Twitter on Nov. 8, while Jimin debuted silver hair at BTS' final Speak Yourself concerts in October 2018. Coincidence? ARMYs don't think so.

So, what does this mean? While I can't speak for the group, all of the signs are pointing to a new musical era for BTS, and fans are picking up on the not-so-subtle hints. Check out the video of BTS at Incheon Airport below.

Now, check out what ARMYs had to say about Jungkook's new look!

BTS' new hair colors aren't the only hints a comeback is near. RM teased new music during an Oct. 18 iHeartRadio interview, and told ARMYs to "please stay tuned."

Jungkook's blonde hair also isn't the only recent change he's made to his appearance. On Oct. 13, he cut his long hair, which, of course, resulted in intense fanfare.

Could Jungkook's new look be in anticipation of his long-awaited mixtape?

"I'm working on [my mixtape]," he shared in a Nov. 2 AskAnythingChat interview. "Actually, I recorded all the songs but I need to record them again, so I'm trying to release one song first rather than the mixtape."

It looks like Jungkook's haircut was actually more of a functional choice than a conceptional decision for his art. “My hair was too damaged, so it was hard to manage and style," he said. "Later on, if the opportunity arises, I’ll grow it out again."

While ARMYs wait anxiously for BTS' new music, at least the group is giving fans something to talk about with their new hairdos.