Here's Why BTS Wasn't At The People's Choice Awards Despite 3 Nominations

Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What do the Kardashians, Avengers cast, and BTS all have in common? Besides the fact that all three are groups of incredibly good-looking people, each is an important facet of pop culture: TV, film, and music. The People's Choice Awards recognizes the most important figures in pop culture, and with BTS' record-breaking accomplishments this year, it was no surprise they were nominated for Best Music Video, Concert Tour, and Favorite Group. Sadly, when the award show finally came on Sunday, Nov. 10, BTS wasn't at the 2019 PCAs to collect their awards. Before you get disappointed, know it looks like BTS skipped for a very good reason that'll make you giddy with excitement.

Although Big Hit Entertainment didn't provide an explanation for BTS' absence at the PCAs, it's safe to assume it's because BTS is working on new music in South Korea, as well as preparing for their upcoming Jingle Ball concert. On Friday, Oct. 18, iHeartRadio released an interview with BTS and when asked about their upcoming plans, RM said, "We're visiting L.A. for the Jingle Ball. We're so looking forward to it. That's the biggest event we have until 2019 ends."

BTS' Jingle Ball concert is taking place on Dec. 6, so considering Jingle Ball is BTS' "biggest event" planned until the end of 2019, fans ruled out any possibility the group would attend the PCAs. But they weren't too upset because, in that same interview, RM revealed BTS is working hard on their next album.

"We're actually now in our studio, so we're working for our next album. Please stay tuned," he teased.

RM makes the announcement near the 6:23 mark below.

After the interview, RM shared a few pictures of him in his studio. Guess he really wasn't kidding about BTS being hard at work.

On the night of the PCAs, fans trended #ThePeopleChooseBTS to show their support for the group despite their absence. Along with the hashtag, fans shared why they admire BTS so much and the results were so heartwarming.

Win or lose at the PCAs, BTS is a winner in fans' hearts.