Here's How To Stream BTS' 5th Muster So You Don't Miss A Single Moment

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

June is the month of BTS. There, I said it. Why, you ask? June 13 marks six years of the group being together. To celebrate the special anniversary, BTS holds their annual FESTA event for the two weeks leading up to the date. As per FESTA tradition, the guys shared special content for their fans like a dance practice video of "Mic Drop," Jin's solo song "Tonight," and a GoPro video of BTS performing "Anpanman" live in concert. With FESTA coming to a close in just over a week, BTS has moved on to another special event: their 5th Muster. In case "Muster" is an unfamiliar word to you, it basically means "a formal gathering of troops," aka BTS' fans — the ARMY (get it?). The Muster events are really special shows held by BTS for their fans, so you definitely can't miss it this year. If you're wondering how to stream BTS' 5th Muster, no worries, because it's actually really simple.

This year, BTS' 5th Muster will be centered around the theme of "Magic Shop." The event shares a title with BTS' song of the same name off of their album, Love Yourself: Tear", released in May 2018. The guys performed their song "Magic Shop" throughout 2018 on their Love Yourself tour, and it has become a fan-favorite because of the line, "So show me, I'll show you," which BTS and their ARMY sang as a call and response whenever BTS performed it. Unfortunately, the guys didn't include the song on their set list for their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour this year, but here's hoping BTS will perform it at their 5th Muster. I mean, you can't have the theme be "Magic Shop" without including the song, right?

BTS has been teasing their 5th Muster since March 28, so you can imagine how excited fans are to finally experience the show. Part 1 of the 5th Muster will happen on June 15 and 16 in Busan, South Korea at the Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium, while Part 2 will be on June 22 and 23 in Seoul at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

Similar to BTS' Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert at Wembley Stadium, which was streamed live through VLIVE, the group's 5th Muster will also be streamed on both the VLIVE website and app. On May 7, the official VLIVE Twitter account announced that although there are four shows for the 5th Muster, only the final show on Sunday, June 23 in Seoul will be streamed live. The event will happen at 7 p.m. KST, which is 6 a.m. EST and 3 a.m PST stateside. I know, that's really early for international fans, but that's just what happens when you stan a K-Pop group right?

Since BTS' 5th Muster is considered exclusive content on VLIVE, fans will have to purchase the event in order to stream it. The 5th Muster costs 1000 VLIVE coins, which is about $18. You can purchase access to the stream by heading over the the VLIVE website.

The stream for the 5th Muster will be extra special since VLIVE is offering fans a few different ways to watch the event. Apart from the main cam (main view), the app will also give fans the opportunity to watch the show from different angles. After the live show, the app will then upload the 5th Muster at a later date so fans can replay it as many times as they want.

Here's what VLIVE said about the 5th Muster stream:

You can watch the 2nd performance live streaming of the BTS fan meeting "BTS 5TH MUSTER [MAGIC SHOP]" in Seoul. In addition to the main cam, you can choose the cam of the desired angle and enjoy the stage more vividly during the live. After the live streaming is finished, replay VOD will be available after review.

With that info, no wonder why fans are so hyped for the 5th Muster! It will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime performance.