Here's How To Stream BTS' 'Love Yourself: Speak Yourself' Concert Live At Wembley Stadium

by Jamie LeeLo
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Is it just me or is BTS, like, reinventing fame? I'm admittedly an older millennial. Being born in 1989 means I'm one of those people who simultaneously grew up with social media and remembers a time before the Internet, cell phones, and streaming services. Watching all of the ways BTS has capitalized on technology and monopolized the entertainment industry(ies) is like taking a masterclass on how to take over the world. Now, they're streaming a live concert and ARMYs are panicked to learn the specifics. Here's how to stream BTS' Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert live at Wembley Stadium so you don't miss out on one glorious moment.

If you're just learning about the Wembley Stadium performance, let me bring you up to speed. BTS is holding a landmark concert at the iconic London venue on June 1, and they've decided to let fans who couldn't snag a ticket to watch it live from home. To do so, they will be utilizing Naver's premium streaming service, VLIVE+, and U.S. fans can tune in at 2:30 p.m. EST (that's 11:30 p.m. PST).

Here's the thing: You gotta pay. However, the fee is totally reasonable when you consider the major price tag on BTS concert tickets (plus what it would cost you to travel to London).

Just to make things extra new age-y, VLIVE+ works with a coin system. Essentially, viewers purchase a certain number of coins first to then be used on exclusive video content. In the case of the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert, ARMYs will need to purchase 1,500 coins to tune in, which translates to about $28. Access to the online event opened on April 26 and is available via the VLIVE website and V App store as we speak, babes.

If you're hoping to snag tickets to the live show, you're fresh out of luck. Physical concert tickets sold out in a jaw-dropping 90 minutes, which prompted the boys and the venue to add a second show on June 2.

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Forbes notes it's rare for performers to stream a live concert outside of major events (like awards shows or television appearances a la Saturday Night Live). In the case of other famous concert films like Beyoncé's outrageously successful Homecoming: The Live Album, all footage is usually pre-recorded and then edited together later. Forbes notes it is a bit more custom for K-Pop acts to sell footage of their concerts on DVD (which BTS does), but still, a live stream heightens BTS to another level.

BTS has the most popular channel on VLIVE with over 13.6 million followers. There, fans follow their many reality series, like Bon Voyage, which follows the boys as they travel around the world, and Run! BTS, a variety program where the boys compete in various challenges. As part of a new 30-day subscription offer, fans can sign up to the "BTS + Fanship" premium channel for $2.88. According to the site, profits will be "used for the creative activity of Stars."

June 1 is a Saturday, which makes it the perfect time of the week to settle in with your favorite snacking food, beverage(s) of choice, and tune in for a little BTS x London fun. Surprise appearance by the new royal baby, maybe? (I'm spending way too much time on the internet these days.)