BTS Fans Are So Obsessed With Jimin's New Blue-Grey Hair

Han Myung-Gu/WireImage/Getty Images

In life, ya win some and ya lose some, and the age-old saying is very relevant for members of the BTS ARMY today. After the boys got snubbed by the Recording Academy in the 2019 Grammy nominations on Nov. 20, ARMYs could really use a pick-me-up, and that’s exactly what they got when Jimin debuted a major hair makeover. BTS’ Jimin’s new blue-grey hair will instantly make your day, so, obvi, the photo is a must-see.

Jimin’s new look is a far departure from his past hair ‘dos. We’ve all seen him absolutely slay his blonde-look, and when he had pink hair, it was iconic AF. Considering he was rocking silver hair at the final Speak Yourself tour dates in Korea in late October, seeing Jimin take a totally different route with his latest look was a surprise, to say the least.

Jimin’s new hair is a frosty blue/grey that has him looking cooler than cool. Seriously, his hair is the perfect shade of grey every Tumblr and Instagram model aspires to obtain.

He debuted the new ~lewk~ via BTS' Twitter and, naturally, fans are freaking out. And by "freaking out," I mean they are absolutely loving it.

Take a look at Jimin’s new hair below.

The fan reactions to his new look are pure gold.

One fan even admitted that Jimin's new hair made the disappointment from BTS' Grammy snubs earlier that day fly right out the window.

Jimin could dye his hair any color of the rainbow and he’d still look like a total rockstar, so, it's not exactly a shocker that he nailed it here. They might not be taking home any Grammy nominations this year, but, as a sucker for a BTS hair makeover, it's still a great day to be part of the ARMY.