Jimin From BTS Dyed His Hair Pink Again & Fans ARE NOT OK

If you're a BTS fan, get ready to freak out. The boys of the world-famous K-pop band have all gone and changed their hair colors again. Jimin, who is now sporting a pink 'do, takes the cake for the most noticeable and dreamy change. Jimin From BTS' new pink hair in Nagoya has ARMY (and me) feeling absolutely overwhelmed.

Jimin wasn't the only BTS member who recently changed his hair. On Jan. 12, BTS performed at the Nagoya Dome in Nagoya, Japan where some of the boys debuted their brand new hair colors. V arrived with new blue hair, Jin had a dusty greyish-brown, and Suga was sporting a blueish-grey look. Needless to say, fans were absolutely floored by so many changes on one stage. One fan, @jmxyg, tweeted a very important question, "...are the [ARMYs] attending the concert still alive after this ?????? they're damn blessed." Another BTS stan, @JeonChimTae_BTS, noticed, "JIMIN & TAEHYUNG LITERALLY SWITCHED HAIR COLORS MAKING IT SIMILAR TO THEIR BIRTHSTONES."

While there was general excitement around all the hair color changes, no ones hair was more talked about than Jimin's — in fact, "pink Jimin" trended worldwide. To sum up how everyone feels about Jimin's hair, one person,@cutiejooniest, tweeted, "[M]y skin is clear. [M]y crops are thriving. [M]y grades are up. [I] have 20/20 vision. [T]he sun is shining. [J]imin has pink hair." Yep, that's about right.

Without further ado, check out video footage from the concert featuring Jimin's bright pink hair, matching shirt, and adorable laugh.

Here's a longer video, in case you can't get enough of him talking and, you know, just existing in general.

Here's what people were saying about the 23-year-old BTS member's new 'do.

This is not Jimin's first pink-haired rodeo. According to a comprehensive BTS hair color timeline created by Reddit user queenpeartato, Jimin first dyed his hair cotton-candy pink in 2017 during the Wings: You Never Walk Alone album era. He also dyed his hair two different shades of pink in 2017 during the Love Yourself: Her era. More recently, Jimin also had blue hair for a concert in Berlin and grey hair for the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Aside from his deeply-loved hair color change, Jimin's been up to quite a lot in the past few months. Most importantly, the K-pop sensation released his first solo single called "Promise," a long-awaited track with lyrics in English and Korean that showed off Jimin's vocal chops. The song was such a big hit that it surpassed 1.4 million streams on Soundcloud within 55 minutes of its release. Back in December, it was reported that Jimin also landed a solo cover for Top Class magazine for the January 2019 issue.

Whether Jimin's showing off his vocals and moves with his six fellow BTS bandmates or doing impressive things on his own, it's no secret why he was one of the most talked about and accomplished celebrities in 2018. Here's to more Jimin and BTS in 2019!