These Memes About The "Energy You're Taking Into 2019" Will Give You Hilarious New Year Vibes

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Even though 2018 has felt like 10 years packed into one, it's almost over. As everyone bids goodbye to the year that gave the world moth memes, endless amounts of political mishaps, three government shutdowns, and Lady Gaga's Enigma Las Vegas residency, it's time to think about what 2019 might look like. These memes about the "energy you're taking into 2019" are hilarious alternatives to New Year's resolutions — and they're sure to get you ready for the new year to come.

The "energy you're taking into 2019" meme — likely one of the last great memes of 2018, er, the first great meme of 2019 — encompasses tweets that declare a certain kind of "energy" that people plan on taking with them into the new year. You'll recall that 2018 saw the popularization of "big d*ck energy" thanks to Pete Davidson's excitement when he was with Ariana Grande, before they called off their engagement in October.

OK, back to happier thoughts of 2019 energy. The examples on Twitter range from serious commitments people are making to better themselves, like this tweet from rapper @ILoveMakonnen that reads, "In 2019 a new energy is with us so tap into it and be the better than before. Sending u that new energy now" to more lighthearted ones like this tweet from author Jessica Valenti, "I asked my eight year old if she had a crush on anyone and she said, ‘no but pretty much everyone has a crush on me’ and that’s the energy I want to bring into 2019."

Here are some more 2019 energy memes that will get you ready for the new year.

No more apologies:

No more being bothered:

Loving everyone and telling them:

Going from drab to fab:

Achieving that BDE you worked all of 2018 to cultivate:

Knowing your worth:

Being politically connected and aware:

Matching Michelle Obama's general amazingness:

Turning into a literal ball of energy:

And one final one for all the skeptics that don't believe 2019 will be any different from the past couple of years:

Though 2018 was a wild ride for many people, there were some good moments you that can be used to channel positive energy into 2019. This year gave the world the remake of A Star is Born along with everyone's new, favorite song, "Shallow." Voter turnout at the Midterms was the highest in a century which led to a diverse Congress including 100 women in the House. Australia blessed the world with Knickers, the giant cow. Ariana Grande gave fans and non-fans alike "thank u, next" and forced everyone to re-frame their relationships with their exes. And in an effort to help you follow through on your "thank u, next" efforts, Instagram finally let you mute people without unfollowing.

So whatever energy you've decided to take into the New Year, you won't be alone. The world can feel like a volatile place at times but surprisingly, good content on the internet and memes like the "energy you're taking into 2019" can inspire everyone to look inward and take better care of themselves and others. Pick an energy (or a few) and use them to manifest the desires and intentions in the New Year. Happy 2019!