Daphne and Simon dance together at a ball in 'Bridgerton' on Netflix.
A TikToker Started A Viral 'Bridgerton' Musical & People Can't Stop Dueting It

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After the success of the Ratatouille musical, some TikTokers were left wondering what else could be turned into a Broadway show. It seems like Bridgerton is next. If you've marathon-watched the Netflix series, you'll love Abigail Barlow's Bridgerton musical TikToks probably just as much as you love staring into Regé-Jean Page's eyes. Barlow got the ball rolling on a Bridgerton-inspired musical by posting a TikTok video singing a song for Daphne's character that received over 70K likes in just one day.

From there, Barlow added to the hypothetical show by posting a part two video that features a heated duet for Daphne and Simon, which allowed other TikTokers to join in on the fun. From there, the collabs kept coming, and as of Jan. 12, 2021, there's over 1.9M views under #BridgertonMusical. Scrolling through the hashtag, you'll find other original songs and even some dream casting videos.

For Broadway lovers and Bridgerton fans alike, this is the perfect place to get some inspo for your own TikTok. If you need a good place to start, here are seven Bridgerton musical TikToks to enjoy. After watching a few of these, you might add your own suggestions. Even if you're not a songwriter, every production needs choreography, set design, costumes, and a great cast. Add what you can to the mix, and don't forget to include #BridgertonMusical in your caption.

"Daphne's Song" Started It All

Barlow's song for Daphne Bridgerton kicked off the #BridgertonMusical trend. It's a love ballad that you can only imagine would happen while an ensemble cast dances in the background and Simon dramatically looks on.

After the success of the first video, Barlow and her writing partner produced an epic version of "Oceans Away" that sounds like it should be on a cast recording. You can even use this sound for your own Bridgerton musical TikToks.

The Simon And Daphne Duet Is Straight-Up #Fire

In the Bridgerton musical, there must be a duet between Simon and Daphne. That's why Barlow followed "Oceans Away" up with "Burn for You." This heated song starts out with an angry Daphne, but quickly turns romantic when Simon sings, "I burn for you."

... And So Are The "Burn For You" Duets

Barlow posted a second TikTok of "Burn For You" so that other users can do a duet during the Simon part. A few TikTokers like @taylor.b.hudson stepped into the Regé-Jean Page role, and the collabs do not disappoint.

Penelope Featherington Has A Solo, Too

Barlow wrote a song for Penelope Featherington, too. While listening, you might imagine Penelope singing this to a completely unaware Colin Bridgerton as he dances with Marina Thompson instead. Barlow even sings, "You're not Cinderella, you're just Penelope Featherington."

This TikToker Made Up A Dream 'Bridgerton' Musical Cast

Now that the idea of a Bridgerton musical is on your radar, you probably can't help but think of your ideal musical cast. TikToker @basically_broadway made a video showcasing who they think should take on the roles. Ashley Park, who played Mindy in Emily in Paris, shows up as Madame Delacroix. Then, of course, Julie Andrews would take on the role of the voice of Lady Whistledown.

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