Daphne Bridgerton looks out her carriage in 'Bridgerton' on Netflix.
Here's How To Do The 'Bridgerton' Challenge On TikTok & Let The Gossip Begin


The Netflix series that has everyone gossiping is Bridgerton. By now, you've likely marathon watched the first season and discussed Season 2 theories with your friends, so the next step would be to join the fun on TikTok and partake in the Bridgerton challenge. You might be wondering how to do the Bridgerton challenge on TikTok, but rest assured it's easier than you might think. It just takes a little stitching to get a video that would definitely have everyone in the Ton talking.

The Bridgerton TikTok trend is actually sponsored by Bridgerton on Netflix. According to the description, "times have changed," so Netflix wants TikTokers to use clips from the show to show off how things have evolved over the years. With topics like flirting and getting ready in the morning, your video will showcase what it was like in the 1800s versus what it's like modern-day.

This is a prime opportunity to show off your sense of humor and get a few LOLs out of your FYP. Big creators like @shreksdumpster and @fibulaa have already stepped up to the challenge with their own videos, so you can scroll through #Bridgerton on your phone for some inspiration. Then, all you need to do is follow these four steps to know exactly how to do the Bridgerton challenge for TikTok.

Choose Which Clip You Want To Stitch

If you're new to the stitching tool in TikTok, it's where you can take up to five seconds of someone else's video and add it to your own. For this challenge, Netflix has posted three different Bridgerton clips for your choosing. There's a "Flirting in the 1800s" clip, a "Getting ready in the 1800s" clip, and a "Gossiping in the 1800s" clip.

Choose which clip you'd like to stitch, and click on the "Send to" button under the comments. There, you'll see a "Stitch" button you can click on. It'll bring you to a new screen where you can pick out a portion of the original Netflix video you want to stitch onto your own.

Shoot Your "Now" Video

Once you have your setup video trimmed to your liking, click "Next." That'll take you to your camera and it'll look just like if you were shooting a regular TikTok video. However, you'll notice the recording bar shows the Bridgerton clip is there.

Then, it's your time to show your version of "now." If you decide to go with flirting, you might want shoot a relatable clip of you texting or making eyes at someone across the room. Use your creativity to show how you flirt in today's modern world. For the "getting ready" clip, you can even flex some of your TikTok transition skills for an outfit reveal.

Add The "Now" Text

When you're done shooting everything, it's time to add the finishing touches. You'll want to add some text to match the Bridgerton clip at the beginning, but instead of "then" you write "now." Use the text tool to draft two text boxes using the "classic" font.

The first one should say "Flirting today," "Getting ready in 2020," or "Gossiping today" with a white background. Then, add a "Now" text box with any color background you want. Arrange the two text boxes so they match the text on the Netflix clip. Make sure they're placed well in the frame, not covering anything important.

Add The Perfect Hashtag

As soon as you complete the text, you're ready to post. Make sure to use #Bridgerton in your caption so anyone who's following the challenge can see your video. You might even want to use a quote from Bridgerton in your post that even Lady Whistledown would approve of.