These 7 Father-Daughter Dances Are Your Kryptonite, So Grab The Tissues

Full disclosure: Your heart is about to melt. Personally, I've dreamed about my wedding day and what song me and my dad would call our own for a while now. I always thought "My Girl" by The Temptations would be a good fit, considering he used to sing it to me when I was little. But, putting on a pair of sunglasses wouldn't be so bad, either. Am I getting ahead of myself? Probably, but I already know it'll be a moment I'll love forever. Some of these father-daughter dances are totally fun and choreographed, but others will give you some serious feels. You're going to need to find some tissues ASAP.

Oh goodness, what would you do without Dad? He's likely been there for you when you had soccer games, or needed someone to put your hair up for dance practice. Growing up, he was the one who taught you how to ride a bike, and continues to deliver the best advice when it comes to life. He always tried his best, and you've laughed at every single dad joke along the way, no matter how embarrassing it may be. (Let's be honest, there have been some seriously cringe-worthy ones over the years!)

Grab all the tissues, and be prepared to hug your dad a little tighter. These seven father-daughter dances are wonderful, and well, I'll be surprised if you can get through them all without sniffling a bit. *Cue the best tears.*

This Amazing Choreographed Dance Takes The (Wedding) Cake
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When in doubt, dance it out — am I right? This dad and daughter duo didn't hold back when it came to their wedding dance, and I have to say they rocked the choreography from the second "Can't Touch This" came on the speakers. They did the disco, and even threw in some slow dancing in between. Truth is, Dads teach all kinds of lessons, but I want to this one to show me some new dance moves, because he definitely knows how to do the fancy footwork.

This Medley Will Make You Want To Dance
ashnicsparks on YouTube

Leave it to a medley during the father-daughter dance to always make it a night to remember. Sometimes you can't pick just one song, because there are so many tracks out there that remind you of Dad. So, this bride and her father did it right, and likely danced until dawn, too. They started off by slow dancing to "My Girl," before breaking out into some smooth moves and lots of smiles. The crowd cheered wildly in the background when the Dad did the stanky leg, and now we're wondering if we could pull off such a thing on our own wedding day.

This Sweet Father-Daughter Moment Will Melt Your Heart
Paul Campbell on YouTube

Father-daughter dances are just special — it's that simple. So, it's completely understandable when this bride needed to wipe away some tears in the middle of the song. For the two of them, and even everyone else who was in attendance, it's sort of a sweet moment of nostalgia. Weddings are meant to symbolize the start of an entirely new chapter. But, when the right music is playing in the background, it's hard not to think about how far you've come from the days when you were just a little girl.

This Dad Got Emotional For His Little Girl
Sydney DiBenedetto on YouTube

Did I mention that these are all happy tears? This dad got totally emotional and teary-eyed when he danced with his daughter on her wedding day, and I'm trying to keep it together from the other side of the screen. It's amazing how music has the ability to create such a moment in time, and this bride and her father are clearly never going to forget this dance for the rest of their lives.

You'll capture a thousand photos on your wedding day, especially with your significant other. But, there's no way you could recreate the feeling you get when you're dancing with your dad.

This Dance Had A Special Surprise For Dad
Rumble Viral on YouTube

This bride surprised her dad with something special during their wedding day dance, and it totally transported them both back in time. The two slowly moved along through an acoustic song, when the voice of a little girl came over the speakers. It's the daughter talking in a home video, singing about how they love each other. Naturally, the dad broke down into every emotion in the books, and we can't even blame him. *Opens second box of tissues and realizes that nothing else is going to get done today.*

This Dad Wrote A Song For The Dance
Robert David on YouTube

What makes your wedding dance even more one-of-a-kind? A song written by your dad, of course! There are so many tracks out there that make for great choices. I mean, pick one off of any Ed Sheeran album and you'd be good to go. But, nothing is quite as special than lyrics and a melody that was made just for you.

In a montage of old photographs, this bride and her best guy relived many sweet memories. Growing up happens fast when you think about it, so don't rush through life and know there's lovely moments like this one coming your way.

This Bride And Her Dad Put A Little Boogie In It
DrsPurchasingGroup on YouTube

The one time your dad may put away his polo shirt and #dad hat is on your wedding day. But, his dance moves and sense of humor are always going to be around.

This bride and her father chose to go for something a little lighthearted and choreographed, as they snapped their fingers and did the robot for the crowd. In my personal opinion, it's always good to put some boogie in your big day, especially if you want the rest of your guests to get on the dance floor, too. Sometimes all it takes is some good music and inspiration to get everyone up on their feet.

Needless to say, my heart has been officially melted. Did your tissues run out? Mine didn't even stand a chance.