7 Things You Can Count On Mom For On Your Wedding Day

*Cue the happy tears.* You're about to get married and you seriously can't wait to say, "I do." Maybe you're having a big ceremony with all your friends and family, or something more intimate with a small group. Either way, your mom or the mom figure in your life will be one of the most important people in attendance, and you can't wait to share some special moments with her. There are some things you can count on your mom for on your wedding day, and you wouldn't want it any other way. Mom is and always will be your favorite sidekick.

Even if she's not your mom by blood, she's the lady in your life who has been there for you through thick and thin. She's stood up for you, and watched you grow up and fall in love. You've most likely relied on her to bring you to soccer practice, and steer you onto the right path when you felt lost or confused about life. When you were figuring out the real world, you felt so lucky to have her and some unconditional love on the sidelines.

She'll probably help you put your accessories on and will be beaming with pride. She will be sitting front row on your wedding day, or maybe she'll even walk you down the aisle. You've counted on her for a lot of things in life, but these seven things on your wedding day will mean the most.

To Give You Some Advice

You've learned a lot of lessons about love over the course of your relationship, but this lady will always give you the best advice — even last-minute. Truth is, marriage is a whole new level for you and your significant other, and you're going to run into a lot of firsts along the way. She's had her fair share of love stories, and will tell you that the secret to making it work is communication and having date nights. It's a heart-to-heart you wouldn't trade for anything in this world.

Not all brides get cold feet, but if you're nervous about taking such a big step, your mom will be there to lend a helping hand. She's always been your reliable shoulder to cry on and such a good listener — and that won't stop with your wedding day.

To Help You Get Ready

Getting ready is probably one of those most exciting parts about your wedding day. All the times you played dress-up as a kid and would pretend to be a bride — well, it's real now. You're emotional and excited because you're slipping on the dress you said yes to, and about to say, "I do." Your mom will be in the background through it all, will help you with the buttons on your dress and slipping on your shoes.

To Help With Any Last-Minute Details

Regardless of how meticulous you were in making your plans for this day, some things inevitably go wrong. On the day of, you're going to be running around getting ready and in need of someone to take care of last-minute things. Maybe you lost the lipstick you were planning to wear, or your bridesmaids don't know what to do with their necklaces. Mom will be a strong point of contact and the one who will take some worries out of your hands.

To Have Some Feels During The Ceremony

Tissues better be close at hand when the ceremony starts, because Mom will definitely have all the feels. She might not completely tear up, but she probably loves you the most in this world, and will likely be overwhelmed with joy to see you so happy with your significant other.

You'll walk down the aisle, and everyone will turn their heads to see you in your wedding dress. Your partner might even cry a bit from where they stand. The reception is all about the food and partying with your people, but the ceremony is the start to the rest of your love story. Can you really blame Mom for crying a bit? Happily ever afters always come with some feels.

To Tell An Embarrassing Story

Those embarrassing stories from when you were a kid are bound to come up in a toast. Your mom has always been so good at reminding your friends of that time you wanted to run away from home, or thought it would be rad to bring all of your stuffed animals to school. You had no idea back then that you were giving her so much content for your wedding day, but will inevitably laugh along when she tells the stories, anyway.

To Be Your Dancing Partner

The days when you'd have dance parties together to the Backstreet Boys in your kitchen were just practice for your wedding day. At the time, you were just making some simple memories, but now those signature moves are coming in handy. Your mom is bound to break out the sprinkler, or some of those jazz hands when her favorite songs come on. You can count on that.

She'll be your best dancing partner during your reception (aside from bae, of course), and twist and shout to all the best tunes. She might be a bit shy at first, or maybe she's the life of the party and will get everyone out of their seats. No matter what, she wouldn't miss out on a special moment with her little girl on the big day.

To Support You And Your SO

When all is said and done, a great mom will be right by your side to support you and your significant other on your wedding day. Even if she wasn't so sure at first, or had her doubts along the way, seeing you so happy should put all of those differences aside. She knows you deserve the world. Having her support will mean so much before you say, "I do."

Maybe she'll walk you down the aisle, or watch you with pride from the front row. It's your wedding day, and love is in the air. You're feeling lucky to have a lady who's there for you throughout it all.