7 Cringeworthy Dad Jokes That He's Proudly Cracked In His Polo Shirt & #DadHat

Dads always have us laughing at loud. Since day one, he's been your personal stand-up comedian, and you wouldn't want it any other way. Most recently, you've probably come to appreciate his sense of humor more. You've found yourself laughing at jokes that once went way over your head, or just wish you could rock one of those dad sweaters, too. (Seriously, they look so comfy!) Sure, his puns and sarcasm can get old at times. But, some of the best dad jokes will just always make you want to cringe, laugh, and hug your dad a little more.

Growing up, you were always so embarrassed any time your dad would make a joke. He'd always pick the moments when he had an audience — family parties, Saturday nights when your friends were at your house for a sleepover, and neighborhood barbecues. You would pretend not to hear him, but that didn't stop him and his winning sense of humor one bit. Now, you're laughing along and probably cracking a few dad jokes of your own. Funny how the tables turn, huh?

Some moments have been truly cringe-worthy, like the jokes that were all too cheesy, or the ones that are so outdated that nobody could have ever understood. During those times, you kept the conversation going, and waited it out until the next one came around. Let's be honest, there's always another joke on the way. But, these seven are pretty classic when it comes to Dad.

When He Never Failed To Come Up With A Food Pun

Dad will always find a way to make a food pun. You'll be grilling by the beach, and it'll start to drizzle: "Whoops! It looks like we cooked up a storm!" You'll be making spaghetti for dinner: "What do you call a fake noodle?" I don't know, Dad, what would you call that? "An impasta!" Yes, his brain is quite literally filled with comments that are perfect in any food scenario, so you better watch out.

You honestly owe all of those puns for Instagram captions you've used over the years to your dad. He's the one who taught you to be so witty. Lettuce move on, though? There are plenty of other dad jokes we need to cover.

When He Made A Joke From "Back In The Day"

Using the phrase "back in the day" kind of comes with the territory of being a dad. It's like you have kids, and immediately start reminiscing on the days when you were one. But, it gets even better when these seconds of nostalgia turn into dad jokes.

You'll be on your phone during dinner, and your dad will make some kind of comment that honestly goes straight over your head. You haven't heard of these people he's referring to, but Mom and other older family members are laughing harder than you could ever imagine. At least one joke about living in the age of dinosaurs will come out, and you, once again, just have to go with it.

When He Discovered Texting Lingo

The day my dad discovered Bitmoji, I think he texted me more than ever before. In fact, any time my dad has found new emojis, he'll send them my way all day with zero explanation. All of a sudden, I'll just have a birch tree hanging on my screen, followed by his face in cartoon form.

Dad basically creates his own texting lingo. He'll pretend to be the bug in your room when you message him asking to come upstairs and kill it real quick, or think that "yes" needs to be shortened to "y" every time. You appreciate him trying, although in the moment, it would be more helpful if he came and took care of the spider instead of crafting such dad jokes.

When He Was Sarcastic On Social Media

Should Dad be trusted on social media? Parents in general on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can get pretty interesting. They're always posting pictures of your family pet with a caption that they thought would be fitting (and funny). Sometimes, they're posting random photos of wildlife that's been in your backyard or throwbacks from your high school graduation. You were seriously hoping those would never make it into an album for the entire world to see.

The best moments of Dad on social media, though, is when he's a little sarcastic. He'll post a picture of a bird, and say, "I think this is tweeting now," and make sure to always include that #lol. After all, you have to laugh at yourself sometimes, right?

When He Tried To Be Funny For Your Friends

At this point, you're totally used to your dad embarrassing you in front of your friends. He tries to be funny from the second they walk in the door, and if I'm being honest, it works a majority of the time. In fact, your besties love hanging at your house just because your dad will always be the first one to lightheartedly comment on how, "That's nacho cheese," or how you got something on your face when you had your makeup done for dance recital.

Sometimes, you can't help but crack up, too, and other times you're rolling your eyes reluctantly in the background at yet another dad joke. Your friends love it though, so let the man try and be funny!

When He Laughed Way Too Hard At A Sitcom

Last week, I was watching reruns of The Office in my kitchen. My dad was sitting in the next room, and overheard one of Jim's pranks on Dwight. Next thing I knew, he was hysterically laughing to the point of tears — and this is by far not the first time that it's happened.

When it comes to sitcoms, or even just comedic movies, Dad's always the one to crack up first. Sure, we all smile or cackle a bit at certain scenes. But, leave it to the number one guy in your life to always find something way funnier than it actually is. I mean, come on — Jim selling Dwight magic beans at the garage sale isn't even the funniest prank on the show, in my personal opinion. Let there be laughter, though.

When He Pulled Out His Humor On A Family Vacation

It starts at the airport. You're waiting around at the gate during a layover, and wondering how you're going to get through these next few hours. Your dad starts pulling every joke out of the book about airplane food, and what it must be like to sit first class. Oh, brother.

Leave it to Dad to always make a comment on a family vacation. He's strolling around a city in Europe or an island in the Caribbean wearing a polo and white crew socks with sneakers. The dad hat is being worn with pride, and seconds later, he's making a joke about how you belong at the kids' pool, or asking about surfing at the concierge desk. Is he serious? We may never know.