Woman about to cry on Thanksgiving

These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Cry From The Pressure On Thanksgiving

by Valerie Mesa
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Although the holidays are known to be holly and jolly, they can also put pressure on a lot of people. Sometimes, the burden can be so heavy, it leads to a well of emotions that can't be contained. That's why these zodiac signs are most likely to cry on Thanksgiving: Cancer, Leo, and Pisces. They simply cannot contain their feelings — and they shouldn't either.

Feeling pressured is almost inevitable for some throughout the holiday season, especially with the back-to-back commercials pushing you to splurge, the big meals to prepare, and family members you haven't seen all year coming to town. This year's astro-weather on Thanksgiving will only add fuel to the fire for many, considering the moon will be sitting alongside Venus-Saturn-Pluto-South Node in Capricorn. Talk about serious. The cherry on top of the cake will be Mercury — planet of communication and thought process — and Mars traveling through Scorpio (aka the scorpion of the zodiac).

With the national holiday around the corner, I want you to know your tears are never a burden. So if you find you're one of the zodiac signs most prone to shedding a few on Thanksgiving, please know you're not alone. (I am part of the aforementioned trio, so I can relate.) Instead, try to focus on only the good things to come — like a terrific dinner.

Cancer: They're Nostalgic And Really Sentimental

It doesn't matter whether they're in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner, or clinking glasses on New Year's Eve, a Cancer can always find a reason to cry. Those born under this cardinal water sign store life-long memories in their hearts, and they can actually access those memories and emotions whenever they want, which means any little thing can trigger their feels. The five senses are one of the most common triggers of nostalgia, and Cancer knows them all too well. If you know a crab who ends up breaking down after tasting their grandmother's famous apple pie recipe, just pass the tissues.


Leo: They're Really Passionate And Lovable

Aside from this fixed fire sign being one of the most dramatic of the zodiac, they're also really prideful, which means they're easily insulted. So, if a family member jokingly attempts to criticize them, or reminisce on an old childhood memory Leo isn't too fond of, get ready for the potential waterworks.

Pisces: They Might Party A Little Too Hard

The challenge with this ethereal-like mutable mermaid is, they have absolutely no boundaries. So, in the midst of partying and celebrating the holiday, you could find a Pisces locking themselves in the bathroom to FaceTime their long-distance sweetheart, and what was supposed to be a "Happy Thanksgiving!" phone call could turn into a sob fest out of nowhere. Of course, things don't have to be that extreme. They could also just as easily be humiliated for forgetting to add salt to their annual Thanksgiving casserole.

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