The 7 Types Of Relatives You Definitely See Every Holiday

Life's always a party when it comes to hanging with your family on the holidays. Whether it's Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, or even just a casual summer barbecue that happens every year, you can always expect the entire crew to show up ready to make some memories. Some of them will be there a bit early, when you haven't even finished getting ready yet, and others will roll in right before the food is done. Yes, you've known them all for a while now, so the types of relatives you see on holidays can easily be explained by their personalities. Get ready to say, "Same."

There's the cool aunt, of course, and your younger cousin who raids the closet of toys. Your grandparents stroll in and are excited to see everyone, and there's always at least one person who isn't connected to you all by blood, but is an honorary family member just the same. Even though you're basically an adult, you still sit at the "kid's table," just maybe now with a glass of wine. Someone with a camera will come around and grab a picture of you totally mid-bite into your burger. Whoops!

It wouldn't be a party without every single person in attendance. After all, you're quite the bunch, and everyone notices when your funny family member isn't around. You could probably explain exactly what everyone would do upon arrival at this point. These seven types of relatives make every holiday memorable, purely because of their personalities.

The Free Spirit

This is the aunt or grandma who's always doing her own thing. She doesn't quite care what the rest of the family thinks of her, and probably is a bit artsy, too. She'll show up to every holiday wearing elaborate scarves or colorful earrings, and always has the best stories to tell. There was that summer she lived in Paris, and the backpacking trip that she took across Europe when she was your age. One day, you hope that you can be just as free-spirited.

The Artsy Cousin

Next to the free-spirited family member, is the artsy cousin. This is the one who's really good at graphic design, or maybe started their own photography business. You've always admired how they make homemade gifts around Christmastime, or at least wrap the presents almost perfectly with a wonderful bow.

They're always the most fashionable one in the room, and give you the scoop on the small boutiques nearby that you might not have known about. When it comes to social media, this is the relative to go to, too.

The Cool Aunt

She's not just any aunt, she's a cool aunt. This is the lady who's been in your life since day one, who has such an outgoing personality. She never fails to be the brightest spot in the room, and will crack a joke in every conversation. Naturally, the entire family laughs along, because she's really quite hilarious. Like your dad, she just seems to have an unlimited amount of puns in her brain at any given time.

When you were growing up, she was the one who taught you the most about life. She's always just been very straight-up, and basically one big kid. You'll want to keep people like her close, especially in your 20s.

The Gourmet

There's always at least one family member who spends the holiday party in the kitchen. It's not necessarily because they're hosting, but rather because they just love whipping up the best gourmet dishes for the rest of the crew. They'll bring their ingredients from home, and will be sprinkling spices left and right. Did I mention they probably have a garden, too?

You've watched a lot of Food Network in your days, but seeing this family member at work is like having a live show. Once the food hits the table, you know you're in for something good. I'd like a second helping, please!

The Chatty Kathy

One of your family members just never stops talking. They're constantly working the room, and truly the social butterfly among your family members. Sometimes you unfortunately tune out and start nodding along to what they're saying, without really knowing what's going on. It's just so hard to keep up, especially when they start talking about things that you think you've read in your history books.

They won't necessarily ask you questions about your life, which you're sort of grateful for. You never have to worry about those awkward silences, either. Phew!

The Nosy One

This is the family member who always has a million questions about what you're doing with your life. They want to know what you're thinking about doing career-wise, and if you have a significant other. You wish you could just print it all out on a piece of paper and distribute it around the room so that nobody would ever ask.

But, you always give them an answer. You don't have everything figured out, and that's beyond OK. These conversations are just inevitable, and you've gotten good at coming up with a life story totally on the spot.

The Sports Fan

This is the guy or girl in your family who's always trying to turn on the game. They're either checking their phone for the score, or in the other room re-watching the latest play. Can you even blame them? They have to support their team.

In the summer, the sports fan is also always the one to get the games going at the party. They set up the badminton net, or recruit the rest of your family members for a game of soccer. Holidays as a family always get a little more interesting and fun with some competition. But, it wouldn't be a party without every relative and their personality there.