The 10 Types Of Coworkers You Definitely Have, No Matter Where You Work

You see your coworkers for a tremendous amount of time throughout the week — so much so, that you are able to hilariously pinpoint these people based on their workplace mannerisms. It's safe to say you've mentally categorized your coworkers, and the type of coworkers you have seriously make your job so much more entertaining.

Remember when you first started your job, and you had no idea who these people would turn out to be? Maybe you even asked the office veteran for a little heads up at first. Now, you can time that late coworker to a T, almost pee your pants laughing at your cubemate's jokes, and you know who's most likely to fall asleep without anyone noticing. You honestly couldn't imagine your weekly routine without these unique people in it, and I'm sure many people can relate.

Yes, that peppy morning person is handling those early morning hours with complete ease in offices all across the world in different time zones. Just thinking about that makes you exhausted. Again, you don't really know your job without anticipating these naturally funny qualities your coworkers have. So, if your 9-to-5 is seriously a range of different personalities, you've definitely assigned at least one of these 10 descriptions to your coworkers.

The Early Bird

Sometimes, you think this person has to spend their nights in the office, because they are always the first person there. Like, do they have some sort of deal with the janitor to let them in? I guess you'll never know, huh?

The One Who Is The Happy Hour Ringleader

It doesn't matter what day of the week it is, this coworker is willing to make any hour after work a happy one. You know this because you are that person who's sitting right next to them at the bar. How in the heck did they learn to be so convincing? You must have skipped that training session when you first landed the job.

The One Who Is Always Late

You aren't judging anyone for their tardiness, but you can't overlook the person who is bursting through the doors and rushing to their desk every single day. The struggle is real, and you totally understand.

The One Who Seemingly Has Chef-Worthy Lunches Every Day

OK, this is not like grade school when the kid with the pudding cup was the OG of the playground for the day. You just can't shake how yummy this person's lunch looks and smells when you mosey into the employee lounge (and you're kind of jealous, TBH). Secretly, you think they're besties with Chef Ramsay or something.

The Busy Bee

There's nothing wrong with this person working hard, but when you're the one hardly working, it does tend to make you look like you're slacking. If you can seem even a fraction as busy as they look, you're in the clear.

The One Who's Always Super Peppy

To this person, do bad days even exist? No matter how many times you check their coffee label, you're both sipping the same macchiato, but they're so much more peppier than you are. They bring on the good vibes, at all times.

The One Who Cracks All Of The Jokes

Someone has to make work fun, don't they? Whether it's making funny faces, noises, or dropping the most hilarious jokes, this is the office clown. When there's no laughter going on in the office, this person must be out sick or on their lunch break, and they are sorely missed.

The One Who Knows The Tea Around The Office

There's always that one person who knows all of the scoop that's going down in the office. They know everyone who comes in and out, and how everything runs. If you have a question about anyone or anything that involves your job, they'll effortlessly give you the 4-1-1.

The Ninja Napper

Who doesn't envy the notorious napper of the office? You know, the one who can find any position or location to have a snooze without ever getting caught. It takes skill, and your Snapchat has so much life when you snap a pic of them catching Z's in the most discreet places.

The Mama Bear

The mama bear in the office is the woman who effortlessly takes care of everyone. Planning a potluck in the office? She brings several dishes. Almost anything you need on a day-to-day basis, she has, and she doesn't mind sharing. She's basically your work mom.

You may not need your coworkers to clock in and out of the job, but they surely make those hours entertaining. Getting to know them has been one of the best experiences.