The Thunder Moon Vs. The Blood Moon Will Combine Forces In The Sky & Here's How

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The universe is pushing us closer and closer towards the edge. What is this metaphorical edge I'm speaking of? Well, it's the major culmination of lunar activity coming up this weekend, of course. Between July 27 and July 28, we've got a Thunder Moon, a full moon in Aquarius, and a blood moon on schedule. No, this doesn't mean we have three different moons rising in the sky. However, there might as well be, because our moon will soon be undergoing an internal battle that I'd like to call the Thunder Moon vs. the Blood Moon. If you're expecting a cosmic showdown, don't worry, because you'll definitely be getting one.

With so many different names and descriptors adorning the most climactic lunation of the year, you're probably wondering what all of this will amount to. Since the moon is irrevocably tied to our inner-world, our emotions, and our subconscious in astrology, the intensity will at first sprout within, blossoming throughout your entire life as several revelations push you to make a change. If you're fighting these changes with all your resistance, the upcoming full Thunder blood moon in Aquarius will make the change for you. There's no escaping its transformative power, so you might as well embrace it.

The Thunder Moon

The fact that the July full moon is called the "Thunder Moon," due to the observant eye of Native American tribes, should be enough proof that this moon means business. This full moon gets the moniker it has because of the startling and intense thunderstorms that spread throughout North America in the middle of summer, according to Farmer's Almanac. Even if your location escapes the electric eye of the storm, you'll certainly be feeling its galvanizing effects shake you from deep within. Don't be fooled by the lack of thunder in the sky. That thunder is rocking and rolling inside you.

The Full Moon In Aquarius

As always, every single lunar transition is marked by a zodiac sign. In this case, the upcoming full moon will be in Aquarius, a fixed air sign symbolized as the "water bearer". Ruled by Uranus, planet of fierce and dramatic change, Aquarius is known for its revolutionary outlook on life, its unapologetic individuality, and its intensely stubborn nature. Since a full moon is known for bringing fruition to our lives, Aquarius presents us with a complicated result. Aquarius wants and yearns for change, however, it also obstinately clings onto former perspectives. You'll have to find balance between these two impulses if you want to make the most out of the effects of this full moon.

No matter what, this lunation is asking you to set aside pretenses and pleasantries and be your most authentic self. Aquarius does not care what anyone thinks, nor does it subscribe to any mainstream beliefs. If there's anything you should take away from this full moon, it is to always be yourself, regardless of the way you may be judged for it.

The Summer 2018 Blood Moon

If the meaning of the full moon in Aquarius has already got you on the edge of your seat, just wait until you digest the fact that it will also be a total lunar eclipse. To make things simple, a lunar eclipse is essentially a full moon multiplied by a million. While a regular full moon asks you to end one chapter and embark on the next, a lunar eclipse wants you to end the whole damn novel and start writing a new one.

There's a reason that eclipse season doesn't happen too often, and there's a reason why it arrives at exactly the right time. In essence, a blood moon speeds up progress, rapidly transforming your life and removing blockages so that success may find you even sooner. If the whirlwind of change is making you dizzy, hold on to something and bear the chaos. Soon, everything will settle in to a much better world than it was before.