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The Spiritual Meaning Of Tomorrow's Lunar Eclipse Is Really Powerful


You're in the midst of another powerful eclipse season, and as you can see, 2020 did not come to play. Eclipses are catalysts for change and the spiritual meaning of the January 2020 eclipse stems from the solar eclipse that took place on Dec. 26 in the Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn. January's full moon eclipse will take place on Jan. 10 — but before you take a closer look at its astrological symbolism, let's talk a little bit about the essence of Cancer-Capricorn and how it's come to life the past two years.

The nodes of the moon, which determine the astrological axis where the eclipses take place, shifted into the Cancer-Capricorn axis back in November 2018. Emotionally driven Cancer is governed by the moon, and the moon is a symbol of your inner foundation; it's the person you are when no one's around. Capricorn, on the other hand, is governed by pragmatic Saturn, planet of limits and structures. Despite the natural evolution of parenting, it's safe to say, Cancer-Capricorn are the parents of the zodiac.

The Benefits Of The Cancer-Capricorn Axis

It's been an interesting couple of years, particularly in the realms of politics and entertainment. These things have everything to do with the essence of Cancer-Capricorn, not to mention the power stemming from Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. Capricorn is a symbol of government, institutions, and hierarchies; Pluto unveils, destroys, and transforms, after it brings the truth to the surface.


The collective has purged itself of toxic patriarchal traditions (South Node in Capricorn) and embraced the divine feminine energies (North Node in Cancer) that were once disregarded. It's been an incredibly transformative time for the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), but if you're not a cardinal sign, go ahead and check where the zodiac archetypes come to life via your birth chart. The astrological houses ruled by the cardinal energies mentioned above are where you've likely experienced the most transformation.

The Spiritual Meaning Of The Lunar Eclipse In Cancer

A lunar eclipse is a powerful full moon; this moon phase brings closure and clarity and in the hypersensitive sign of Cancer, it will more than likely be emotional. Think back to the new moon solar eclipse that took place on Dec. 26. What took place during this time? Did you kick off a new routine? Luckily, this lunation was swirling with goodness, thanks to the help of bountiful Jupiter. With the right amount of dedication and discipline, Jupiter in Capricorn will help you commit to your path of success.

On Jan. 10, the moon will oppose the sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. This is intense — especially with the build-up of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction taking place on Jan. 12 — but I also believe that it's the beginning of a brand-new era for everyone. Capricorn is equivalent to your physical foundation and idea of structure, and the notorious dynamic duo of Saturn and Pluto are in the process of destroying those outdated ways of seeing the world. Can you feel that? These energies are shedding light on the areas you've outgrown, both mentally and spiritually.

This is a moment where you must be prepared to hold yourself accountable for your actions, because it's time to grow up. I guarantee it will be a lot better once you cross that finish line.