The blood moon captured on Jul 27th, 2018, in Switzerland

Hold On Tight, Because The Next Full Moon's Going To Be A Lunar Eclipse

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Full moons are a wild ride. Despite how gorgeous they look glowing in the night sky, there's a highly volatile and emotional undercurrent coursing through them. You never know what to expect and anything can happen, which tends to make it a very a dramatic experience. I don't know about you, but when a new full moon takes place, I still haven't even fully processed the last full moon. These lunations take place roughly once a month, so by the time each one comes around, I'm already bracing myself for the next full moon, which, in this case, is set for January 2020.

Whether you plan your life around intense astrological activities, there's not much you can do to prepare for what's in store during the first full lunation of the new decade. Instead of a traditional full moon, there will be a lunar eclipse (aka a blood moon). Aside from the fact that the moon will literally be drenched in a deep and ominous red, this lunation is definitely no joke.

Astrologically speaking, a lunar eclipse is similar to a full moon, except its energy is amplified and magnified. A lunar eclipse speeds you up to your ultimate destiny. Connecting with the Nodes of Fate (aka the point toward which the collective is moving), a lunar eclipse is the harbinger for sudden twists, unexpected endings, and changes that have the power to alter the course of your life. You might resist these changes, but what's done under the energy of a lunar eclipse is done. Just surrender to what the cosmos have in store and trust in what comes next. This decade is starting off with a bang.

The Lunar Eclipse In Cancer Takes Place Jan. 10 At 2:21 p.m. ET


Eclipses are climactic turning points that are part of a larger story. Think back to where you were during July 2019, when the solar eclipse in Cancer took place. Did you go through a breakup? A job change? The start of a new relationship? By the time of the lunar eclipse in Cancer, you will come to understand the meaning behind what took place back then. Think of the solar eclipse as the season premiere, while the lunar eclipse is the season finale. What have you learned? How have you changed? You're about to find out.

This lunar eclipse forms an opposition to not just the sun, but also logical Mercury, karmic Saturn, and transformative Pluto. All of these oppositions can stir much inner conflict as you struggle to find meaning and an outlet for your feelings. You might feel as though no one is on the same page and everyone's emotions and perspectives are coming from different directions. Even though this can create pent-up rage and leave you feeling confused about how to find common ground, this full moon is supported by a trine to compassionate and spiritual Neptune. This will help you approach conflict with kindness and empathy. It will also remind you of the big picture, which is so much larger than whatever may be going on. Either way, this blood moon is bound to be a memorable and deeply affecting experience.

Taking place in caring, intuitive, and protective Cancer, this lunar eclipse is all about the home and the hearth. Expect changes relating to your heart and your private life to take the center stage. If your birth chart contains placements in cardinal zodiac signs, it's you who might be affected by this eclipse the most.

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