Spiritual Meaning Of Taurus Season 2021

The Spiritual Meaning Of Taurus Season Will Explain What Comes Next For You

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The seasons change, and with it, come new opportunities for growth and reflection. As the sun travels through the zodiac wheel, it activates each of the 12 signs, bringing their qualities and energies to life. It all begins with Aries season, which kicks off the astrological calendar with a motivating and unstoppable burst. Aries season is passionate, fast, and fiery, representing the enthusiasm that comes with starting something new. But once Aries season comes to an end, the energy endures a noticeable shift. The spiritual meaning of Taurus season 2021 will explain everything you need to know about what comes next.

Unlike the turbo speed of Aries season, Taurus season is slow and steady. Taurus takes its time before coming to a conclusion; pausing to take in every element of the situation. This fixed earth sign is grounded, dependable, and loyal. It can also be stubborn, headstrong, and slow to trust. During Taurus season, you may find yourself getting a taste of each of these qualities yourself.

In astrology, Taurus is ruled by Venus — ruler of love, friendship, luxury, and money — and it exudes this planet's power flawlessly. Taurus is an inherently romantic zodiac sign, and while it may be shy and subdued in thee way it expresses romance, its passion cannot be denied. After all, Taurus is connected to each of the five senses — touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste — and whatever excites these senses will make Taurus feel right at home. That's why Taurus can also be a little materialistic, as it loves beautiful things, such as fashion, jewelry, art, and design.

There are so many different ways to celebrate Taurus season. You could purchase a brand-new outfit that makes you feel gorgeous. You could infuse your relationships with honesty and reliability. You could even so something as simple as taking a walk through a garden, stopping to smell each rose and drink in the moment. Taurus would definitely approve.


The Sun Enters Taurus On April 19 At 4:33 p.m. ET

This Taurus season might be a little more wild than what you're accustomed to. After all, there is so much change underway. On April 22, Venus will join forces with erratic and unpredictable Uranus, which may take your relationships in a totally different direction than you may have been expecting. By April 30, the sun will also join forces with Uranus, inspiring you to break free from your inhibiting confines and embrace your freedom and independence. You may feel like a new aspect of your personality is coming out during this time.

However, your relationships may feel stalled by April 25. As Venus and Mercury — planet of communication — squares off with cold and inhibiting Saturn, it may feel like everyone is isolated and uninterested in connection. This will challenge you to be patient and earn each other's trust rather than simply expecting it to be handed to you.

By May 19, so much positive will be coming. This is when Jupiter — planet of luck, expansion, and growth — will enter its home sign of Pisces. When Jupiter is in Pisces, Jupiter is happy as can be. And when Jupiter is happy, there's a much stronger chance that everyone's happy. This transit will encourage generosity, love, and spiritual exploration. It will radiate hope like the light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Just before Taurus season ends, your relationships will experience a moment of stability and trust. On May 19, Venus in Gemini will form a trine with Saturn — planet of commitment and maturity — encouraging you to let go of the chaos and the toxic patterns and allow yourself to be in a relationship that supports your growth.

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