7 Things To Know About The Sarcastic Girl That She Probably Won't Tell You

Current mood: sarcasm. Every girl group has someone who is undeniably the funny one. She watches all the sitcoms, and always seems to know exactly what to say. She also always seems to make any social situation better with just a little bit of humor. Her sarcasm, in particular, is honestly this amazing art form you can't quite figure out for yourself, but admire all the time. Sure, it can get on your nerves and you're not always sure of how to deal with it. But, the sarcastic girl can be so misunderstood, and really just wants you to know some things that she'll never tell you herself.

She's really just winging it. Life and laughter are both not meant to be taken so seriously, and she looks at every moment simply. After all, what joke has ever been good the second time around? You have to experience it for it to really count and give you a real reaction — and this girl's sarcasm comes so naturally.

Her idols are characters like April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation, or even in a few episodes, Ron Swanson himself. On a few separate occasions, you've probably heard her laughing along with their comments and quoting them a bit, too.

You might not always understand where she's coming from, and lucky for you, that's what I'm here for. As someone who's oh-so-sarcastic, myself, I know the seven things the sarcastic girl in your group wants you to know, but will never tell you.

She's Just Being Honest

Would you rather have the friend who sugarcoats everything in life for you, or the one who's brutally blunt? Of course, a balance between the two would be amazing. But, the sarcastic girl wants you to know that most of the time when she makes a comment, it's in the name of not only humor — but honesty.

Sometimes it can hurt to hear the truth, and in some ways sarcasm kind of softens the blow. She doesn't mean to always deliver news and her thoughts that way, but she just can't help it. On the bright side of this, you always know exactly what she's thinking in a situation and she never holds back. There's definitely something to be said for wearing your heart on your sleeve, even if it comes off as a little salty.

She Knows It's Not For Everyone

Like Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, some people just can't pick up on sarcasm and need their besties to hold a sign up in the background so that they don't take anything said too seriously. Like any kind of humor, it's all about knowing your audience.

She's able to figure out the right time and place for her salty side, and is sweet just the same. Although explaining a joke or comment might seem a bit awkward, if you don't understand where she's coming from, it's always better to ask. Odds are, she's not ever trying to be offensive and the best way to approach her is always by being just as straightforward.

Sarcasm Is Actually An Art Form

Humor is actually an art form, if you choose to look at it that way. Not only do you have to time jokes perfectly — but, there's a certain alignment of thoughts, words, and experiences that have to come together to curate just the right laugh. Not every single one is successful, but it makes everyone feel good when a solid piece of humor goes off without a hitch.

So, the sarcastic girl wants you to know that this is how she looks at it. Every time she makes a comment, she's a little proud of how witty she had to be for the joke to come out that way. And once again, she's likely OK with explaining the process behind such a excellent piece of sarcasm so that you can understand it, too.

She's Not Always Moody

When you're always making salty comments, it's easy for people to assume you're just a moody person. Sarcasm can easily come across as rude, because you're kind of calling people out and telling the hard truth. Not everybody responds to it well, and suddenly you can get the reputation of being really mean or having that IDGAF attitude.

This girl wants you to think twice. She'll never easily tell you her true feelings because she probably uses her sarcasm as a bit of a shield against them. But, that doesn't mean that her emotions aren't there. Give her the benefit of the doubt, and learn to filter out her humor from her actual actions. After all, those speak way louder than any words.

She Actually Really Cares

Truth is, the sarcastic girl really does care. You might not see her cry on the reg, but that doesn't mean that her heart and mind aren't very much open. When it comes to the people and causes in her life that she holds close, you can undeniably see that she cares. And sometimes, she might use sarcasm more in those situations because she doesn't want to hold back for that reason. Why be anything less than yourself, or honest, with your crew?

On any given day, she probably comes across as all talk — and when you have such an amazing wit, it's quite understandable. But, those bestie hugs mean the world to her just the same. So, be sure to share a few in between all the laughs.

Sarcasm Gives Her Confidence

We all need a little self-love. And for the sarcastic girl, she gets a lot of confidence from her humorous side. Being so funny isn't as easy as it looks, and like I said, it takes a lot of timing and wit to get a good set of laughs. Everybody should have something about them that makes them feel undeniably amazing. For her, she's incredibly proud of the jokes she can put together.

Any situation where she feels uncomfortable, she might turn to her sarcasm as a way of making the moment less awkward for herself. And on the other hand, any time where she feels incredibly comfortable, is when she'll take it to the next level and maybe make some more risqué remarks. Take a second to realize what side of her you're getting in any social scenario.

She Doesn't Like To Take Life Too Seriously

We should all stop taking life so seriously, especially when we're living as 20-somethings. In this way, we can all take a tip or two from the sarcastic girl. You see, the one thing about sarcasm, unlike any other sense of humor, is that it can be used in almost every conversation. It doesn't take much to set up the most perfect salty comment, so you can always look forward to a situation becoming more lighthearted when she's in the room.

She wants you to know (but of course, will never tell you) that she's all about living in the present, and that she's taking every experience as it comes. Sarcasm is all about those "had to be there" moments, and she wants to create as many of those as possible for herself and your crew.