6 Things You Should Really Know About The Girl Who Loves To Curse

Let's set the record straight. Being 20-something means that you're bold. You have dreams and passions you want to follow, trips you want to take, and new things you want to try. Sadly, there may be some people who will doubt you every step of the way, and you have to learn to push through it and trust yourself in order to get to where you want to go. Truth is, they just don't understand your situation, and much like the girl who curses a lot there are a lot of things they just got wrong, and you're left feeling misunderstood.

If you're like me, then you probably drop some curse words into your language at least every once in awhile. You know the time and the place, but no matter what, there's always one person who's totally caught off guard. In some ways, it's just part of your personality — and you really don't do it to be tough or even prove that you can. You just find it as a form of emphasis, or even excitement! Like the exclamation point at the end of that sentence.

Cursing has always been considered the daring, sometimes fun, and always bold side of our culture. It comes out when we're stressed, or just feeling extra passionate. And the girl who finds herself adding certain choice words into her vocabulary on the reg doesn't really think twice about it until she gets those misunderstanding glares. Here's what you really need to know about her.

She's Not Rude

Cursing can absolutely come across as rude, especially if you don't do it in the right situation. For example, you wouldn't let a curse word slip in front of your family at dinner or during an interview for your first job. Both your grandma and your future employer wouldn't appreciate it in that moment. But, in a more casual setting with your closest friends or coworkers, you might have less of a filter.

Girls who curse all the time want you to know that their intentions are never to be mean or rude. Sure, some people might have trouble finding the fine line at times, but most aren't meaning for it to be taken so personally. If you're on the other side of it, know that it's not meant to be offensive, but rather expressive.

She Doesn't Hate Everything

People are also very quick to believe that the girl who curses a lot hates everything. Sure, we all have situations where we're less tolerant than we could be, or just totally lose our patience. But for the girl who swears, it's simply a way for her to put her current feelings into quick words, and is in no way an indicator of how she really feels.

In fact, sometimes swearing is used to emphasize something good, and reading it in the moment can be just as difficult as Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory trying to understand sarcasm. Learning the difference between the two scenarios isn't easy, but with a little practice and time spent around a girl who loves to swear, you'll find yourself picking up on all the real feels.

She's Not Always Sarcastic

Right along with not being rude or hating everything — the girl who curses a lot isn't always being so sarcastic. Sometimes she can be genuinely upset, or seriously happy and content in a situation. Although swearing can be used a lot in sarcasm, it's once again important to notice the difference between the two.

Odds are, if she is the sarcastic friend in your group, then she's using her choice words in an opportunity to be funny, even if it's just for herself. If you're unsure or uncomfortable, you should always just talk to the person and get a little view of their perspective before making any snap judgments.

She's Expressive

This girl really just has a lot of emotions. Some people cry it out, others need to run to a mountaintop to scream, and the girl who curses will always just choose to express herself in the moment with a couple of choice words — and that's OK. It's profanity with a purpose, if you will. And like an art project that has really bold paint and maybe even some glitter, too.

When you're trying to understand this person, this is always the first thing you should think of when recreating the stereotype in your mind. How do you act when you're passionate about something? People react in all different ways, and even though this might not be how you would respond in any sort of situation, it doesn't mean it's wrong. Interpretive dance just wouldn't get the same point across.

She's Independent

She's not going to let anyone mess with her, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. When it comes to what she cares about, she is tough that way, but it's all coming straight from her heart and independent woman side.

In that way, we can all take some tips from this girl, especially if we're shy and often scared to be ourselves. Knowing when to have a filter is important, but also being able to let loose and find the lighter social situations is a low-key skill. Believing in ourselves and who we are is important, and understanding where others are coming from is key, too.

She's Daring

Dare to be different, right? Swearing kind of does make you stand out in a crowd, and the girl who curses doesn't mind the spotlight for a minute. She doesn't necessarily do it for attention, but rather to show her ambition, appreciation, or other intense feelings for something.

In any situation, she'll be the first to try something new and radiates a lot of self-confidence. Sometimes, swearing is her way of putting up a shield to the world to make her stronger and more daring with herself. That's important to understand, too.

So, before you go off misunderstanding the girl who curses a lot, learn a little about her first. They always say don't judge a book by its cover — and in this case, not the curse words that come out of it, either.