If Your Work Wife Doubles As Your BFF, You Can Really Relate To These 11 Things

Boris Jovanovic/Stocksy

Adulting can be such a struggle. Some weeks you're just waiting for it to be Friday, and trying to get through all of the stresses in between. When you land your first "big person job," the nine to five life comes as sort of a shock. You're surprised at how tired your busy brain gets, and that the taste of coffee isn't actually so bad. You settle into new routines, schedules, and friend groups. Sure, nothing will every replace your college pals, but your work crew comes close. When your work wife is your best friend, in particular, surviving your oh-so-packed planner is a whole lot easier.

She's there through it all, and makes Monday morning much more manageable. Maybe she sends you your favorite memes throughout the day, or you two talk all the latest drama during your lunch break. Whenever you need some advice on one of your assignments, she's the first person you ask. After all, she has such a good eye for aesthetically-pleasing things — and you really wouldn't trust anyone else with such a task.

It's just like all those sitcoms and reality shows make it out to be. Not every day is amazing, but you appreciate her company just the same. You two know when you can mess around, and when it's actually time to get down to business. But, there's a lot more room for fun in your life when she's around at the office. If your bestie doubles as your work wife, these 11 things are totally relatable and will have you saying "same."

You Always Distract Each Other

One minute you're looking at memes, and then, suddenly, you're 30 minutes deep into reality television show theories and watching cute cats doing ridiculous things on YouTube. Oh yes, you and your bestie-turned-work-wife are incredibly good at distracting each other. When you finally make it back to your desk after all the nonsense you have a thousand emails to attend to, but honestly, there are no regrets.

Truth is, you just have a lot of inside jokes, memories, and thoughts to share. At any given moment, you'd always have a sarcastic comment ready or tea that needed to be immediately sipped. Some things you just can't save for your lunch break — and when she's only a few seats away, it's so easy to strike up a conversation.

She's Your Comedic Relief

Comedic relief undeniably comes with all of those distractions. When you find something that you know would brighten her day you just have to share it, no doubt about it. Laughter is the best medicine, especially on Mondays, and you're always happy to lend a helping (and humorous) hand.

You already make each other laugh uncontrollably over everything. Sometimes, you're honestly just laughing because the other one is, and it all feels so perfectly dumb. The fluorescent lights might have drained you of your spirit some days — but she's always there to laugh on a couple more years to your life.

You Have Your Favorite Lunch Spots

Sure, you could sit at your desk and eat a sandwich you brought from home. And on most days, especially when you're on a tight deadline, that's probably the reality of it. But, when you two can, you're sure to use that lunch break to hit up the best spots.

Every office has some good places to eat nearby, especially if you're working in the city. Maybe you have a burger joint picked out for Fridays, or a little sushi restaurant that you rave about on the reg. Normally, one person starts craving something, and then it's decided that you just have to go. Waffles and friends come before work — you know the rules.

... And Places For Happy Hour On Fridays

We'd love to have that Friday feeling every day of the week. But, happy hour is done best when the weekend is right around the corner. Aside from having all of your regular spots to take your lunch break, your work best friend and you love hitting up the same bars and restaurants for happy hour, too.

She gets a bold glass of red wine, and you stick to something dry and white. If the real world is doing anything right, it's discounts on appetizers and your favorite drinks right when you need them the most. Cheers to the weekend, am I right?

You Share Work Clothes

Coming up with outfits is just as much of a struggle as getting to our cup of coffee some mornings. We just can't ever find a top to match that skirt, or a dress that we haven't worn a million times over already. Ugh, somebody will totally call us out for outfit repeating. *Rolls eyes*

That's where your work wife and fashion fairy godmother comes in, though. She has all the same problems, but when you put your closets together, there are suddenly so many more options. You trade sweaters and lend each other blouses from ZARA. What else are best friends for?

You Know Each Other's Coffee Order

Order up! Your bestie already knows exactly what your coffee order is (no matter how complex it may be), and when you need it the most. Maybe you've coordinated it over the months that on certain days of the week you pick up the Starbucks, and then she grabs Dunkin' on the others. Or maybe she just surprises you after lunch with an afternoon pick-me-up. Thank goodness, you were dying for some caffeine, but just didn't have the time.

On the weekend, you'll probably hit up that coffee shop you both love downtown and spend hours chatting it up. But during the work week, it's really all about the little things, and honestly your usual barista already knows what's up, too.

You Love Getting Put On Projects Together

Tag-teaming is what you and your best friend do best. Whether it's a major project, or just the office printer needs to be fixed, you two are totally on it. Since you already know how each other's brains work, you don't need to worry about stepping on any toes and can bounce ideas around like no tomorrow. They say opposites attract, and you both have your strengths that you individually bring to the table. No presentation will ever be as perfect as this one.

Honestly, I think we all have a little PTSD from those group projects we were forced to do in college. Having your best friend around for all the big assignments now is such a relief. You know she'll get her work done, and is one of the best in the biz, just like you. Together, you're honestly unstoppable.

... But You Also Sort Of Hate It

Of course, there are some times when friendship and feelings get in the way of getting the job done. Maybe she pitched an idea that you weren't so sure about, or decided to handle a situation in a way that you would've never considered in the worst of ways. Sometimes, those are the moments when your relationship with your work wife and best friend are tested — and it's always best to be honest.

When the real world gets, well, real — you can't take things too personal. You both have your strengths and were hired into this business for a reason, and bashing each other will only end in a lot of regret. Have a solid heart-to-heart over take-out food about it later, and keep it professional with your person when you find yourself in a sticky situation.

You Vent To Each Other, Always

When the work week is really getting to you, and the rest of your office crew is on your worst nerves, you absolutely need someone to vent to. Some days, when stress levels are high, it's so easy to want to get really mad on your lunch break. But, your best friend and work wife is luckily there to talk and help you work through all your emotions. She'll understand why every aspect of your life is throwing you curveballs and knows exactly what you're talking about when you explain what went down in that meeting.

Truth is, to some extent she's experienced it all before, and you'd be doing the same for her. She'll help you attack it from all angles and brighten your day with all of those beautiful distractions and a cup of your favorite coffee just the same.

You Make Your Weekend Plans While At Work

We always have the weekend on our minds. You and your best friend probably have your very own bucket list, and sometimes those conversations by the water cooler are really just about what you're going to check off this weekend. She's your best travel buddy, and the one you really love doing everything with, because she has all of the same passions and interests. How else would you have ended up in the same industry?

Road tripping to somewhere far away from your office always sounds ideal, or maybe you'll just get brunch, because by the time you go on your lunch breaks, that menu is never really available. The opportunities for fun are endless, and it's always something to look forward to throughout the week.

Honestly, She's The Reason You Come To Work Sometimes

On the days that the struggle is more than real, your work wife who doubles as your best friend is the one you really come to work for. She's the Pam to your Jim, and the Ann to your Leslie. Everything could truly be the worst, but she'd still be the best and you'd spend hours coming up with reasons to hang by reception.

You can always count on her to bring some positive and visionary vibes into the office. When you're feeling totally stuck or have the worst creative block, she's your inspiration. And when your bed is extra comfy in the morning, she's your motivation to get up and make the most of the day.

You honestly don't know what you would do without her hanging around at work and at home. We all can relate to being part of the real world, but you're happy that you two know these things to be totally true, too.